Libido Is Inconsistent

Your doc is incorrect. Compound pharmacies need a special license to dispense it now. But you can still write a script for any of the name brand or generic versions out there and hand it to a patient. Is your doctor working through a clinic?

Likely what is happening is the subq t results in higher t levels compared to the im administration… Actually John crisler himself has said that subq results in “more bang for your buck”

where does everyone inject IM? I may consider going to IM. Can I use an insulin syringe into my shoulder?

Thanks that is good to know

I am doing shoulders. It’s super simple and I hit mine with a 23 gauge 1/2 inch, so that’s is small and gets to the muscle just fine. Been a game changer for me.

And after you’re done you can sell your used needle to a Japanese whaling company.

29g 1/2” insulin syringes hit shoulders exactly as well as a 23g and they leave behind much less scar tissue. Save yourself some pain and grab so slins, man.

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I messaged my doc yesterday about this. I was keeping mine on my night stand and didn’t realize it needed to be kept cold. He said it was fine at room temp in a climate controlled area :tipping_hand_man:

Not always the case with everyone. I had a dosage decrease and decided to go from sub q to shallow IM just to see if I felt any different. Even with a dosage decrease my levels increased going to IM.

Sorry I misspoke, I mean to say inject with 27 gauge

That’s much better.