Libido Is Inconsistent

One week I want to F everything the next I don’t care for it at all. Anyone else deal with this?

I had that when I was still dialing in.
And when I was taking arimdex.

Now my libido pretty consistent

I get that occasionally, it fixes itself after a few days to a week.

Hello, this is a problem of mine as well and I have not determined a good solution yet. I currently do 15mg daily subq and if I increase the dose beyond that I lose my libido entirely. Additionally, I find most my libido comes from taking HCG 2-3 times per week and have no idea what the means.

I will be following this thread because I am very interested to hear what others have to say. But yeah, I get wanted sex 3-4 times a day to wanting nothing for weeks on end.

It means that your testes are producing testosterone which as you may be aware of is a hormone linked to libido. It’s pretty normal for HCG to cause a spike in your mood across the board. It means your balls still work and that you’re a healthy male human.

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Why do I get such a libido boost from HCG but not testosterone alone?

Hcg mimics LH. It’s not fully understood how many and where the lh receptors are.

Interesting. I seem to find the best results around 15mg test daily and 250IU HCG 2-3 per week. If I go just testosterone alone, I begin to feel like it’s too much anything above 16mg per day.

Anybody noticed a difference from different amounts of HCG? I recently just added it to my TRT to try. Been doing 250iu’s E3d. Wonder if it’s worth messing around with dosage.

I small amount goes a long way for me. I can feel the effect of 125 IU usually within 3-5 hours.

I’ve found the best result at around 250iu EOD. I’ve messed around with it a bit, it’s just enough to keep my balls a normal size and my libido peaked, any more than that seems like it doesn’t do much.

what is your test dosing and frequency?

130mg Every 5 days.

I will tell you that switching from SubQ to IM was a game changer for me. This stint the last two weeks with the libido has been my only issue. On SubQ I had all kinds of issues with estrogen side effects. IM eliminated that.

That said everyone in here talking about HCG, my doc said they don’t allow off label prescription anymore. I also hate that I have to keep it in the fridge. Not exactly something I want anyone to see. Family etc…

Did you change the dose when the switched to IM?

Nope, kept it all the same. Libido can be out of control at times but the last two weeks has been off big time. I switched to IM about 6 months ago.

Seems like you need to inject less on subq. I went up to 140 a week. Though I felt good I got belly bloat. Went down to about 115. Still feel good and bloat went away. Lost 3 pounds In less than 2 weeks. I gather it’s water.

No I’ll never go back to SubQ, IM is the truth for my body. SubQ had me popping zits all day and my mood was all over the place. It will never be an option

I was not telling you to try subq again. Glad you do well on im. Right now I prefer subq but I don’t mind going Im to change things up. I’ll be injecting for another 40 hopefully longer. After a few years switch. We see.

Every worry about the long term affects from being on artificial hormones for a long period? Just curious, I think about it sometimes but I don’t know I have many answers other than I feel fine and better on it than without