Libido Has Disappeared

I’d like to see the op start taking fish oils again, just to see if the libido vanishes.

I too think it’s something else going on.

And also worth to mention that fish oil is not equal all fish oil. Quallity matters a lot fwiw. If you buying cheapest fish oil that can actually be detrimental to your health. Worth getting quallity fish oil and go from there.

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Thinking about doing just that. I had no other issues on fish oil besides libido. In fact, it definitely boosted my mental acuity and helped my memory. I miss that aspect.

I took Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 2X, definitely high-quality.

If you do, and you get the same result, make sure to post back.

This is really interesting.

Very interesting.

And OP is a clear case of PSSD imo. (like PFS)

Fish oil gave me lot’s of anxiety and revved me up. I have no problem eating fish but supplements have never been good to me.

Update: My libido had been strong since the discontinuation of the fish oil. I decided to start taking it again a few weeks ago. My libido crashed once again, morning erections disappeared, borderline became asexual. I stopped taking it a week ago and my libido returned full force.

For reference I took Nordic Naturals 2150mg/day. EPA 1125, DHA 875.

Edit: forgot to add, it also made me irritable on a daily basis. I will miss the cognitive benefits though.


Thanks for updating. Interesting fish oil has that affect on you.

I wonder if other brands would do it as well.

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Not the first time I read about fish oil being bad for libido…

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Fish oil disrupts my sleep and gives me anxiety. It’s weird. Eating fish doesn’t have that effect.