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Libido Gone


So let me start with my history most current cycle and some of my stats..

History, 3 cycles. All cycles were relatively the same in which I ran between 500-700mg per week of test e.
Also ran between 30-50 mg dbol ed for the first 4 weeks.
More importantly is the current cycle in which I just finished. Here it is..

Weeks 1-8.. 300mg test e pinned Monday, Thursday
Weeks 1-8.. 300mg deca pinned Monday, Thursday.
Weeks 3-6.. 50mg dbol ed.

Weeks 10-14 Pct nolva 40/40/20/20

I am currently in the third week of pct and my sex drive is completly gone, and can barely get an errection.
So my question is more or less to get some input from some of you on what I might do to get things back in working order?
I have clomid and adex on hand right now as well but don't now if I should add it to my current pct.

I should also mention this is my first time using deca so I'm thinking it could be just do to the high mgs of deca?
This current cycle I gained 18 pound and have only lost 3. Also strength is good has not gone down at all since stopping aas.

I'm not looking for any handouts or for you to tell me exactly what I should do but just some insight.

Thank you all in advance!


Apologies I forgot to mention something rather important.. My age I am 24 years old


Did you use a dopamine agonist for prolactin control?


deca dick!


I did not use a dopamine agonist..


And that's the main reason I will never ever use Deca...


Fuckin Deca lol same reason I never want to try it.


Ill admit i liked it while I was on it but now im really regretting using it..


Any advice out there? Starting to get pretty concerned on what I should do if anything to turn this situation around. Also, If I do not do anything such as get meds, will my body recover on it's own eventually from this? Ive been doing alot of research but deca dick seems to be a bad situation from what I've come up with.

Thank you..


Join the club.

Cabergoline should help, but it would be wise to get a blood test first just in case that isnt the problem.

1mg per week split into a couple of doses is what people use on cycle. Im not sure that much would be needed now, but I may be wrong. ANd the pills are very small so diving them smaller than halves may be difficult.


You could also try vit B6. Some say it helps a bit to lower prolactin (this is likely your problem). Research this.

In the mean time, if you have a girlfriend or whatever, buying some cialis is a good idea. It wont help with libido but itll take some stress away, which is compounding the problem.


Thanks bonez I was hoping to get some input from as you are in my opinion one of the most knowledgeable people here. I will def. Do some rsearch on the vitamin b6.

Thank you.


I also have already scheduled an appt. With my doc to get blood test done so we will see how they come out as well.


I second the advice to get blood tests done. You may find the Blood Tests sticky in the TRT forum helpful. Can't remember if prolactin is in that one or not, so be sure to include it if its not, but the other tests are very helpful for getting started.

I wouldn't expect too much out of the B6. There are claims that it does a ton of magical things, but from just reading the posts from TRT users on this site and a couple others, it really hasn't helped all that much (admittedly a small sample size). But its cheap, so might be worth a shot.