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Libido: Free T or T:E Ratio?

Yes no interest in sex, no morning wood but I can kick ass at the gym and none of my joints hurt after. I have a rule when blasting for my E2. If I divid my e2 into my TT and get 15-25 I am good if my E2 goes too high like my example above I will take .25mg 3x a week but for only one week.

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i do appreciate the in depth reply earlier. was looking at your numbers and protocol.

why do you “cruise and blast”? is it just for gains in the gym?

Also - whats your take on HCG? And have you had sides from HCG? I have had one hormone specialist and one doc (plastic surgeon) both tell me that HCG will cause hair loss dramatically compared to running a standard TRT protocol … i have mentioned that online before and it seems to be a pretty controversial stance.

Yah I have been reading that DHT plays a big role in labido and erections. Not many folks mention DHT when they complain of labido.

From experience I agree that tons of total and free t does not make labido any better. If anything it made mine worse. Too much of anything is a bad thing.

I think the estrogen comment is also very true. The e2 is very high and I have the typical labido and sensatiivify issues. Can’t wait for that to come back.

Wow did I just agree with this guy in all points. Amazing. There is hope … haha

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The only reason to blast is muscle growth at the gym. It serves no other function and really is very unhealthy for everything but your muscles. But lifting at the gym is a hobby and there are a lot of hobbies that are not healthy. Like Jack Daniels I have that hobby too, haha

HCG- Some hate it with lots of side others say it does nothing for them then there are guys like me that love it. I’ve been taking it for over 4 years I have tried 500/800/1500 per wk. My hair is thicker and grows faster than before I started. I am cut so fertility is not a thing for me. HCG stopped the dull ache and atrophy I got from mono T my first doc had me on. My boys swing freely now and my flacid penis is much larger. I also think I get a calming effect to my mood hard to explain.

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i have heard guys say it makes them moody and crazy - others say it gives them more focus and no sides

i guess its all how you process it.

when i was searching HCG and hair shedding I came across a lot of youtube videos where women who were on the HCG diet discussed why the shed happens. also the google rabbithole took me to a lot of new mom/pregancy sites that discussed hormonal hair shedding … seems like HCG or a spike/drop in estrogen can cause this - but its temp

i am on week 6 now. i wish i had stated with test only that way i could pinpoint what caused my huge shed in week two

The HCG diet is nothing like HCG for TRT. Those dieting dumbfucks were take 1000’s of IUs a week. You know if you take too much of anything it is probably really bad for you. You say you have been on HCG for 6 weeks how much and how often?

i wasn’t saying one was better than the other. first week i took the test with HCG at 1000 iu. the next i took it at 750. Shed hit. Dropped it to 300. then 0. The hair loss has stopped… or at least it isnt like it was. I mean there was hair every fckn where. all over bathroom floor. in shower. on the walls. would fall on my shoulders and PC at work.

But … honestly it could have been the test playing a role. i was unsure until a doc i know thats a plastic surgeon (who does hair plugs as well at his practice) told me he advises his patients to not start any HCG

I would get to the bottom of that hair loss and quit the HCG cold turkey. Get your TRT protocol tuned in.
You can always start it up at a later date and if your body likes it you will reap all the benefits.
The worst thing that could happen is your balls will shrink a little become a little softer and they might pull up against your body and they might start giving you a dull ache. But none of the is perminent. Take 800ius a week and in ~5 weeks it all goes away.

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Cant take it anymore.

It’s “libido”.



Ok Libido. I went to google and some
Places used labido and others say libido. I guess it’s a regional thing idk.

My phone never corrects it so I thought that was right … I guess not 3$