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Libido/Erection Issues on Test Cycle


Hi guys. So the title is pretty straight forward, I am on a testosterone cycle at 500mg a week. I started the cycle because I was having some libido/erection issues before and figured I was going to take test in the future so why the hell not, right? So fast forward to now and Ive been on for about 6-7 weeks now. Gym has not been a top priority because of school/work so I havent been able to gauge the muscle gain aspect. Im sure my stuff is real.

I got a test for estradiol and prolactin after having these issues and my estradiol came back at 89 on a range of 12-47 and prolactin at 14 on a range of 8-16. I played around with the adex dose but to no avail and ran a 2 weeks cycle of caber which im not sure was very effective either. I want to get blood work done and get down to the bottom of this and I was wondering what tests should I have done in order to help me figure this out. Should I just run 500mg a week with no adex while I get the tests done because that is a dose I plan on staying on for quite some time.

Ive had some basic hemotology/tsh labs done before but all seemed fairly normal. If those numbers might be relevant to this issue let me know so I can post them. Im really in need of some help guys so please help a brother out.


Where did you get your adex? If it's from a research lab, it's possible that it's bunk.

Besides that, have you had any major changes in your life recently? Added stress? Diet change? Etc...


Hey, rrjc. Thanks for the response.

My adex is a research chem but I got it from what seems to be a reputable site.

No major changes in lifestyle. Stress is pretty minimal tbh and diet is normal (3 meals a day good protein, clean carbs, and healthy fats). Nothing out of the ordinary really.


Just adding that on my CBC count pre testosterone use my MCH (mean corpuscular hemoglobin) was slightly elevated, so was my albumin and alka phosphate. Im not sure if that makes any difference but just thought Id throw it in there.


Ok, I see Im not getting much responses. I am probably at fault for writing out such a messy post. For the sake of everyone, I will present a fairly basic question. Ruling out any thyroid issues or adrenal function issues or anything thats really out of the ordinary. What would be a good list of blood tests to have done to figure out what the cause of this issue might be?

I was thinking estradiol, prolactin, and progesterone since those seem to be the main culprits of most libido issues. Am I correct?


Hi, here's a link for relevant blood tests: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/lab_work_and_blood_testing


Thanks Dr. Pangloss, that seems like quite an extensive lists and money is sort of an issue. What would be the usual hormones one would test for in this situation? Im sorry if I sound like Im asking to be spoon fed but I just dont have the kind of money that would allow me to get unnecessary tests.


Go to privatemdlabs.com and check out the various panels they have available. You should see a male hormone panel that suits your needs. You can always add on an extra test or two if need be. Cost isn't too bad.


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Yup I kinda thought the same thing today after RRJC mentioned it. Ill be ordering some adex from adc but suppose that didnt work out either and the problem wasnt e2 levels. What would be some culprits of libido issues while on this much test? What would YOU test for in that situation? Surely E2 is not the ONLY hormone that gets out of wack and causes libido/erection issues. Thanks for your contribution btw BBB, I am a big fan of your posts.


Pangloss answered your question--it is quite an extensive list but hormones are tricky and very interrelated...you can't adjust one without risking a cascade effect...once you have a good understanding of the hormone production lines, you can make a better educated guess, but even then it is a very hard to manage science...

But off the top, you have the most likely culprits...I mean, you know your E2 is 89...I would definitely start there...Optimal is around 20-30, so that can be your goal letting your symptoms guide you along the way...

Not really sure what progesterone is going to tell you...most labs for progesterone do not even give you an actual number (just a "less than" range for males) so it is not of great benefit...

DHT is also vital for libido and sex organ function--definitely include that...

If you can, I'd also look at neurtransmitter function, but that is probably out of your budget range...

Any history of using hair loss meds (advodart, finesteride)?

I think staying on 500 mg test given your current situation (especailly without adex as you proposed, wtf?) is a bad idea...


I agree with Bushy your adex is bunk;, I didn't see your dosage mentioned either.