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Libido + ED Crash 1 Year on Test - Help on Recent Labs

Not to mention that this type of training is more aerobic in nature and can burn way more calories than a typical lifting session. Because of this, your deficit could have actually been a little more than you were planning on it being.

Let us know what the doc says and best of luck brother!!

I see your 240 ng/dl lab result. Was there a range for that? I see 16-79 ng/dl at Geneva, not sure if that’s comparable. Just wondering if your DHT actually is way over range and if you know what it was before trt?

It could quite possibly be your estrogen despite it indicating that it is in range.

I would get some arimidex 1 mg tablets and place it in a dropper. Add about 80 drops high quality alcohol and let it dissolve. Start with taking 1 drop with every pin and see how you feel, it can take up to an hr to fully begin to work.

When I first started Test estrogen was the issue that was effecting my erections until I got it dialed in. Its a powerful drug though so only use minute amounts or you will crash it and low estrogen makes it just as hard to get an erection.

Hey @ramble_on1 how are things now?

Does compound cream have same effect or just injections?

i do not know

Man, if this guy figured things out, I’d love to know how he did it.