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Libido + ED Crash 1 Year on Test - Help on Recent Labs

Libido + ED crashed after about a year on T. After 3 months on T I was ready to hump a slipper, and my erections were like all day long. Now my libido is nonexistent and can hardly maintain an erection that’s 70-80% of full strength. My latest blood results are below. Hoping to get some opinions on what may be happening based on the below labs before I meet with the doc on Tuesday. Important to note, I was on Finasteride for 10+ years so much of that convoluted puzzle may be playing into this. As always, thanks for the prompt replies and advice. I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy.

Testosterone,Free and Total [Final]
Testosterone, Serum 808 ng/dL 264-916 01 F
Free Testosterone(Direct) 29.3 H pg/mL 6.8-21.5 01 F

Dihydrotestosterone [Final]
Dihydrotestosterone 240 H ng/dL 02 F

Prolactin [Final]
Prolactin 4.3 ng/mL 4.0-15.2 01 F

Estradiol, Sensitive [Final]
Estradiol, Sensitive 22.0 pg/mL 8.0-35.0 03 F

Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum [Final]
Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum 33.0 nmol/L 16.5-55.9 01 F

Any lifestyle changes? How is your stress? Are you on any medication?

Maybe your prolactin is a bit on the low end. How was it after the three month? Did any of the numbers change drastically since then?

Do you have a complete blood work profile you could post?

If you consider lifestyle change dealing with this lockdown and managing in this new normal than that may be a factor, otherwise not much has changed – I wasn’t being sarcastic. I’m an avid fitness junky, heavy resistance training 6X week, and not being able to get to the gym may be a factor. I’ve been making do with body-weight exercises, and resistance bands but it’s not the same. I’m not on any meds.

Interestingly enough I went back to old labs from a year ago and we never checked prolactin. And labs seem to be consistent with what I posted – go figure.

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Did you get lipids ran? What does your diet look like? Alcohol intake increased with this whole Covid thing?

maybe try a bit of progesterone, beacuse testosterone injections create defficency of progesteron as far as i know.
in question of finasteride - i could reccomend diffrent board , but i dont know if i can.

Progestins are used to reduce sexual impulsivity on sexual offenders facepalm

When did you quit finasteride? Anybody know the range for his dht? Is his level good?

Just saw your old posts. I was also on finasteride over 10 yrs. Got me, too. I’ve been off for 11yrs. I’ve been on testogel for 3 months. At 2-3 weeks I was getting erections morning and night. They still lingered up until about 2 months.

I have an appt soon with a bhrt place. I was thinking the cream may be an option. I see you were on that. There’s a few guys here that did well with injection. I don’t know if just higher dosing is the answer or not.

As far as testing… the lab’s they wanted from me included zinc, vit d, dhea.

I hope you get some good advice here or the doc sorts it out.

Are you still doing 2 clicks per day?

For pretty much everyone with the story of feeling better after a few weeks, then getting worse a month or so later… it’s usually the dose. In the beginning you’re working with whatever natural production + whatever you’re taking, natural production then shuts down and you’re left with only whatever amount you’re taking, so obviously your levels hit a kind of peak a few weeks in then go down from there until they stabilize. Gel also has the concerns with absorption, strength, etc. I’d give the cream a try if you’re trying to stay away from injections. I still think injections are the most tried/true option though.

OP–need more details. What is your protocol for starters?


That sounds logical.

I found one guy on here who looks like he resolved his ED by just going to EOD injections. Quite surprising.

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I haven’t ran a lipids panel this time around, I’m getting a physical done soon though. My cholesterol is inherently high (total 250ish, but HDLs are always high and LDLs are always low).My diet is pretty clean: organic grassfed meats, little to no sugar, noting processed, I don’t even drink alcohol. I’m down to like 10% BF if not lower. I’ve been eating a lot more gluten though. I’m not sure how much that’s a factor.

I’ve been doing the compounded cream. You can send me a PM with the board name but I think I know which one you are talking about.

I quit Fin four years ago. My main issue was/ is the persistent, 24/7 brain-fog. I’ve yet to chisel away at it. I’ve had major fatigue, joint/ muscle pain, and overall weakness as a result of Fin but that was resolved from taking T. Never had any sexual sides until recently as the title of my OP suggests. I’m up to 3-clicks per day.

I was going to bring up going the injection route with my doc on Tuesday as a potential fix. My protocol re: T is 3 clicks (.75ml/ 150 mg) per day compounded (200 mg/ ml) cream in the morning. Also taking DHEA 25mg in the evening. I also take a battery of supplements: from fish oil, to magnesium, to vitamin D (10K IUs).

Yeah, this pfs stuff is a bitch.

When I read about guy’s on the cream doing 3 clicks, seems most are 2 am 1 pm. Maybe you’re trying to avoid transfer issues. That 10 000iu of D sounds like a ton. I do 2000 a day and sometimes I skip days and think my erections are better. I just got a vit D bloodtest done. Be good to see that result.

Hope things dial in for you.

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Something to consider…

This could be a factor. You used the term “down to” when referring to tour BF%, so I’m inferring that you have been in a caloric deficit as of late?

Long term deficits can wreak all kinds of havoc. If this is the case, you should consider going back up to maintenance (or maybe slight surplus) for a while and let your body heal itself.

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Good observation. I just started back up to a slight surplus a few days ago. Absent the heavy lifting + being in a moderate caloric deficit might have played a role. On a side note, interestingly enough I enjoyed a few weeks of a recomp. All these massive reps/ body weight exercises was a new stimulus. I dropped weight (fat) and made some modest strength gains. I’ll drop an update after I speak to the doc tomorrow, I’ll def bring this up!

Thanks for your help. This whole PFS mystery is really a mind-fuck. The only thing I found to be universally effective is a complete lifestyle change. Clean eating, heavy resistance training, and stress management. Of course T has had a major impact on my overall health. Side note, I’m taking 7K IUs of vit d, my levels were slightly outside the normal range last labs (5 months ago). I don’t want to derail this thread but PM me your protocol or if you have a post on here about it let me know. It’s good to keep in touch with others who got slammed by Fin.


I’m just about done my last (3rd month) of testogel. I peaked at 2-3 weeks. I feel better, but, ED is kinda there. New doc appt as soon as my lab work is complete. I’ll let you know what she puts me on.

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