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Libido Drop and Test Booster

Hello everyone,

So in my late 20s, and in the last month, my libido went from sky high to ground level. I don’t have any special reasons apart from maybe becoming fattier in a bulk phase, and 2 big cold/flu in those months.

However right now, I m not really interested in the sex thing, which is new (i was kinda obsessed). Even porn makes me “blah”. On morning I hardly have a hard on .

I was considering using a test booster. I read a lot it was more helpful in libido than anything else, but what can I expect and what should I use ? TRIBEX ? Alpha Male ? Evotest ? Test Powder ? I can get those ones quite easily so…


I would use Alpha Male.

But it might be pertinent to see a doctor and have some blood work done, if even just to establish a baseline before supplementing with a test booster. Plus, you could find out why you’ve noticed a sudden drop in libido.

Alpha Male most definitely works, but with something like this, you might want to rule out/treat any medical issues before supplementing the problem.

Hope that helps!