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Libido Crash after 2 Years on TRT

48 years old on half mill of cypress twice a week for two years work out sex rocked and over night erections were minimal at best even on viagra
Went to trt doc e2 was 56 the put me on a blocker 1mg every other day after two weeks had one good day and it got worse at three weeks had blood work done again and e2 was minus 5 stopped blocker back at a 14 e2 still ed issues and feel lethargic mind not as sharp either t was 888 other was 26 I want my fucking life back been going to titan med please help I have a hot 30 old lady we both want me back tired of eating and not performing lol

You did not ask a question, but there is your answer, way too much aromatase inhibitor. You’ll come back in time.

My E2 is 55 and I feel fine, better than fine actually.

What’s your tt and ft at e2 of 55 though?

884 and 218

I get insomnia at those levels. And I’ve never felt sex drive from trt and suspect I need e2 lowwww.


You likely crashed your e2 as 1mg of arimidex a day is crazy. I’m assuming it was arimidex.

I crashed my E2 in August… same problem as you. It was a couple months before things got better and I’m still not back to normal as of this day. Just give it time. Don’t take so much AI, bad for lots of reasons I won’t get into but a big one is libido crusher.

What can I do boost
E2 or balance a local body builder said that I’ve been on cyponate to long I should switch I heard soy protein
Boost natural e2 and wow a couple months ouch I’m on a low dose of cyponate does increase speed process ??

Stop taking advice from idiots, the 1mg AI EOD is to blame for everything, not cypionate.

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What can I do to being up?

The only thing you can do is give it time.

Thanks system lord Fuck 2 months or more

I am going through an E2 crash from to much AI. From what I see on here, each person responds differently and heals at a different rate. My doctor and I decided to stop AI completely and he increased my testosterone dose a little to help let my body have a bit more to convert to E2. It will probably help my E2 go up quicker but I have a hunch that even with that, once it’s in a good zone for me 30-40, other things will still need to adjust over time now for me to feel the effects.

I feel you about the wife lol. My wife is as horny as a 16 year old and this E2 crash has my junk numb as if I wear a lidocaine patch on it all day lol.

Good luck!

You’re doctor really screwed you good.

He sure did screw thumpnfla. That dose is even more than mine gave me which was overkill. Wow, you really need to be careful on that much AI.

yea run from that guy

EDIT: yet he still sounds better than your doctor