Libido Changes from Taking Arimidex

215 lbs
Prescribed Arimidex for high E2 levels
Normal testosterone (no trt)

I have read a lot about people taking arimidex to lower their E2 levels. However, I was curious what kind of results people have been feeling regarding libido and how long did you have to take Arimidex to start to see a difference? I have read that it is supposed to kick in within the first 24 hours however my libido is still non existent and I have been on it for almost a week. I would like to know how long it takes to see results on this stuff and other peoples views/ experience with this stuff.

-THANKS :slight_smile:

Armidex definitely works within a few days. Erection quality is somewhat different than libido(mood). I have had spells where I could get up but had trouble with climaxing and might lose my erection, and other time just had trouble getting it up. I believe there is some truth in having your E2 within the sweet spot.

A little high seems to be better than too low. I have found that I function best between 10-20, and mine doesn’t go above the ideal 22 ever, but I’ve heard other people say up to 30 is still ok. When mine is around 20 I function great in the bedroom, under 10 I’m in trouble.

I would expect it take a week or more to start affecting mood (brain function), but you might wake up with a stiffie.