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Libido booster

Has anyone tried a cyclodextrin 4-AD nasal spray to boost a women’s libido?

I can’t imagine that intranasal 4-AD would work that well to boost a woman’s libido. It’s primary effect is a CNS boost, and it can be an incredibly powerful one for someone who’s not acclimated to it (especially a woman). Further, the intranasal effect is a short, intense peak, and she would be shaky and jittery (and not interested in sex) for the next hour at least. In any event, 4-AD is a highly androgenic substance, and thus it’s not something you should be giving to a woman.

Trust me, it works. It does not take very much. 4-AD is a powerful androgen and will provide an increase in libido for women and many men. Just don’t use it too often. If a woman has that bad of a problem with her libido that could indicate there is something wrong that needs to be evaluated first.