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Libido and Nolva Question

Didn’t want to hijack the other thread on this issue so…

I haven’t posted in awhile. 20 year vet using. I am currently 52 and needless to say things are alot different as you age regarding training and anabolics etc… I am currently on using 500mg Test E / wk in 2 divided injections and 75mg Tren E EOD. Sex drive is pretty non existent as well as erections. I am making significant gains in the gym both strength wise and size so the gear is not the problem. I have NEVER had an issue with either gyno and, rarely lack of sex drive while on cycle, or for that matter otherwise. I really need to get bloods done, but last year when I had the problem (the only other time) I took 10mg Nolva ED during cycle and my sex drive went up after about three days. I kept taking throughtout the cycle with no more sex drive and erection issues. I am running into the issue again now. Nolva is on the way, but my questions are # 1 why is Nolva helping sex drive and # 2 would I be better off taking HcG? I am guessing estrogen levels are out of whack. Thanks in advance.

Could be either E2 or prolactin or both. You need an AI and probably also caber since you’re running tren. HCG wouldn’t hurt either.

Nolva is just a bandaid in this case. You need to get your E2 and prolactin levels down.

Thanks. I have Prami. Would that do in place of Caber? I used the Prami before but did not see any results after using for 5 days and ramping up the dose ED. Maybe I didn’t give the Prami a chance??

any other side effects of too high or low E2?

No sides whatsoever. Strangely enough, I never have had sides other than increased temper when on Tren.

Nolvadex is helping your sex drive because it blocks the action of E2. Running 500mg of test you almost certainly have high E2. I’d run adex at 0.5mg ED for a few days to get it under control then switch to EOD for maintenance.

PramI is fine instead of caber. It just didn’t help you in this case because you also almost certainly have high E2. You need to manage both.

Thanks Juggs. Getting after the Adex today.