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Libido and Erection Quality Connected to Test Levels?

Hi. I’m 22 years old. for over a year, matches with symptoms of testosterone deficiency. the most bothersome and ruins my life is poor erection and a very poor libido. I am a sports man, I exercise, I eat healthily, I am not stressed on a daily basis. I have been testing hormones for a year and flying after doctors, but I only receive a prescription for Viagra or Cialis. Can a weak erection, problem with excitement, lack of morning erection, constant fatigue, mood swings and poor penis sensitivity, a small - skinny penis without erection mean something with testosterone? I will give the results of the latest research:

Albumin: 4.89 (3.5-5.2)
FSH:4.53 (1.5-12.3)
LH: 4.88 (1.7-8.6)
Total Testosterone: 6.99 NG/ml (2.49-8.36)
SHBG: 43.70 nmol/l (18.1-54.1)
Free test calculate: 1.76% - 12.3ng dl

Albumin: 4.86 (3.5-5.2)
Estradiol: 32.9 (11.3-43.2)
Prolactin: 10.4 (4.1-15.3)
Total Testosterone: 6.93 NG/ml (2.49-8.36)
SHBG: 38.40 (18.1-54.1)

What do you think about it? literally no excitement and can’t feel his penis. could it be testosterone?

You have a moderately high total T. Are you on TRT? What else are you taking? To answer your question, probably not.

You say constant fatigue. Go get your thyroid levels tested. Free t3 should be top of range, t4 middle of range is fine and reverse t3 below 5, but some are fine under 10. This could be the reason for your fatigue, but im surprised your T is ok along with this feeling.

Are you on a low carb diet?

i am not on trt. I tried many supplements, starting with boron ending even with horny goat weed, no effects supplements with zinc, magnesium, vitamin d, b, omega 3 on a daily basis.

I’m sorry, I forgot to write that I have examined the thyroid glands. all right with ft3.4 and tsh. everything about half the norm. I am not on a low-carbon diet. I don’t know what to do anymore, the feeling that I can’t get excited sucks

Sorry dude. We mostly revolve around TRT here but if you put your bloodwork up maybe someone has some insight. What about sleep, alcohol, rec drugs, AAS abuse, finasteride, SSRIs, etc?

I know my friend, that’s why I’m writing here to help - you have more knowledge than many doctors. I do not take any medications, sleep for 8 hours, do not drink alcohol and do not smoke, I lead a healthy lifestyle. SAA never. I only tried Proviron to see if the problem could be hormonal - I took mega funny doses such as 25mg ed - erection improved, libido increased, mood also improved

There is nothing in your labs to suggest TRT is what you need. What supplements do you take right now? Depression issues? ADD? Any idea what 5-HTP or Tyrosine does or does not do for you? Do you drink a lot of beer?

yes i know what it is. I am not depressed, although sometimes I have mood swings and outbursts of irritation or nervousness (I equate it with the level of free testosterone). he drinks beer occasionally.

I love beer.

IPAs all day.

I just pop a ton of arimidex to counter any elevated estrogen due to my rampant beer drinking.



Proviron is non-aromatizing, but suppressive. Could be that you are not at the right balance and your ratio changed for the better with the Proviron. Hard to say. I was asking about the beer and supps to get an idea if you are eating/taking things heavily slanted towards E2 production and skewing you.

A quality IPA is a thing of beauty.

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They make some that are alcohol free that taste nearly identical.

as far as I know, I do not eat or drink anything that may indirectly affect estradiol. In the near future, she plans to re-enter proviron and finally feel normal. rather with my results I have no chance of trt, doctors seeing my results are prescribing sildenafil. Proviron arranged for Underground

When you say normal what’s that in relation to because normal labs doesn’t mean healthy .

What brand sells a good NA ipa?

My buddy is drying
Out and looking for just this.

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Athletic Brewing Company has a good standard IPA and a double hop IPA they release every couple of weeks. Lately they have been doing single hop IPA (the latest is Simcoe) that they release once and while and they are super hazy and nice. Brewdog makes some good ones. They have a NEIPA style called Hazy AF. Nanny State AF has a bit more malt to it and Punk AF is a standard IPA. They also do a Lamb of God beer called Ghost Walker that is like a light IPA. ALL of the Brewdog stuff is just a little thin, yet enjoyable, but very low in calories…like between 25 and 40 cals a can. There is another brewery called Two Roots but their stuff I find too sweet and each can is like 120 cals.

They all make respectable stouts too.

The best part is you can order everything online and have it in a few days.

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Since you have Cialis script, take 2.5mg EOD for 1 year, and then slowly stop taking it. Cialis can balance out your T/E ratio and help with getting stronger erections. Morning wood becomes more apparent, and with a hard dick, libido gets a boost, because you can count on it. A full year of treatment should help strengthen your CV network and this helps in many areas. You dont have to take the pills forever, its just therapy.

do you think it might help my erection? I have a weak feeling of the penis as if it was numb, I feel little pleasure…

Cialis with aakg and cytruline is Safe?