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Libido and Creatine


ok .. now i work out hard but i believe this is the second time it happened .. does creatine lower your libido .. cause i think it does mine .. or am i just overtraining and does it coincide ?
i am just using maxi musclle creatamax pills .. but with in 3 days i just go ... i wouldnt say limp .. but certainly less intrested ? .. more people out there with similar experiences ?


I dont think so. Probbaly is cause of you libido lowering hard training or something other.


training hard lowers your libdo a lot - i would even say if your not overtraining you will have lowered libdo if your training hard.

Although you'll notice when you peak, your libdo will go through the roof.

Take an easy week and it will be really high.

Do what lots here do, and take one easy week after 3 harder weeks. This way you can have your special week. Maybe this will make your girl happy! :smiley:


dood, deze guyz iz all wong! teh createane lowerz lidibo liek alot!


My sexual appetite is quite... healthy. Creatine has not had this effect on me.


I'm taking creatine and I'd love.....well lets not go there.


I take creatine, dont cycle, and I have found that its really training hard that lowers your drive.. yeah incorporate a back off wk and observe..


Creatine causes your muscles to retain more fluid, and can raise blood pressure somewhat as a consequence. If your blood pressure is already elevated, this could cause you to have erectile problems. Bottom line, if you don't know if you have high BP, get it checked. If it turns out you do have high BP, creatine is probably not a good idea.


Highly unlikely that it is the creatine. As others have stated, you are probably overtraining. To get a baseline, have your testosterone and GH levels checked by a hollistic MD.


I'm 5g's creatine a day and upped intensity of training over last four weeks or so, also noticed a lack of libido, lucky i haven't got a girl at the mo! Although it's not dropped to a level to worry about, just not my usual 24/7 horny self! Definately the change of training responsible than the creatine.


Any chance of a translation to English?!


Others have said back off a week, I say take a week off all together. I recently did this and felt like I was 17 years old again ( I know I should have been doing it all along). Give it a try.

I am pretty sure it is not the creatine.

If the week off does not help, take Mike's advice.



I haven't heard of even one case of increased blood pressure from creatine.


How often are you guys taking back off weeks?


I do it every 4 to 6 weeks. No more weights, only 3 sessions of cardio.