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Libido and 4-AD-EC?



I'm one of the lucky souls who got some of the last round of 4-AD-EC. Stockpiled it and just started taking it this week.

It was my understanding it could only be good for libido, didn't aromatize, etc. Yet since day 2, no problems with erections, but the sensation of sex is diminished and orgasm is harder to reach. Could 4AD-EC be responsible? I'm 28 and have never taken gear before.


I wrote...

D'oh - should have mentioned I started taking M at the same time.


I really doubt it. Back in the day when I was using androsol, the spray version at max dose twice a day, I never felt better. Sex drive was even higher. If you don't want the other bottles, how about a swap for some of the old T2 formula? (original one)

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Thanks, but I guess I'll keep slugging it out with 4AD for a while.


didn't think you would, but hey ya never know!
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Biotest's Androsol was the best prohormone that I ever used! The transdermal spray at max dose (1G ED) was similar to taking 50mg of test prop. ED. I never had the chance to take the 4-AD-EC so I don't know how effective it was.


Sounds crazy but I noticed sex drive with androsol way more than 4ad-ec.


That's why I didn't purchase 4AD-EC. I wasn't confident that the oral administration worked as well as claimed. It looks like it didn't. It frustrating when people say 4AD is crap because it isn't. If used transdermally, it's an excellent product. Some have injected it with even better results.


I find it very interesting that I'm not the only one who liked the spray better. What about nandrosol? It's strange how this product was just taken off the market without nothing really being said. To tell you the truth I was at an all time best using both at max dose ever! Serioulsy it even worked better than MAG-10 at a double dose every day. The fact that I shaved my whole body once or twice a week must have helped for absorption, I even sprayed some around and on my nutsack a few times. It kinda burned. It was hard to find room to spray, my girlfriend would cover my back for me, 140 sprays total takes alot of room. As a matter of fact I was able to use this stuff, party all night (rave or after hour) and never lost muscle. Seriously people even wondered how I partied so much and never lost any size.
I really miss that stuff I mean it was reasonably priced and delivered big time. I should have been a chemist...

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i used a bottle of it and saw nothing
I was shocked because at that time androsol was the best thing I'd ever used


Biotest's transdermals blew away their orals. Why did they put out an inferior product when they had the best supplement out on the market?


Blood levels achieved with the EC ester were greater than that with the transdermal application.

Considering how limited one is with the transdermal route, it only made sense.

As for why some swore that the Androsol was so much more potent. That tends to happen any time a change is made.

There have always been individuals who thought the newer formulations were less effective and I'd have to point to psychological reasons for that. People don't like change. If something is working for them and you change it, even if you believe it's for the better, they generally don't like it.

Every product, TRIBEX, Methoxy-7, 4-AD, etc., where we make a change, there are invariably some who prefer the old versions.


Cy, what you said about people not liking change with their products is very true. Take for instance ripped fuel. It is basically herbal eca. You could give someone a knock off version of the product, show them the ingredients being the same and somehow they don't like the new product even though it's the same...

I do accept that. However I have no reason to prefer androsol and nandrosol over MAG-10. Think about it. It was somewhat of a pain in the ass with all the sprays, then you have to spray again later on in the day after another shower. For me it's not a big thing as I am insanely clean...

Just not the most convinient routine. Maybe I liked it because my girl would spary me and being naked and all well you know what comes next... with the freshly blood levels up and all ha ha ha.

Please answer me this, what's the strory behind nandrosol? Seems to me like it was just taken off the market, not a beep was made about it.

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Hi Tin Can,

I believe Nandrosol wasn't carried over for a variety of reasons. It didn't seem to be as popular as some had some issues with libido and that's to be expected. Also, it created a problem for drug tested athletes.

Hope that helps.


I hope this dosen't come off the wrong way, but I was expecting a different answer. First of all people who are after big gains know that libido can be a probelem and there are always ways around that. And athletes failing drug tests? I don't think that concerns most the people using the product. Sorry but that seems like an odd reason to take the product off the shelves. I mean guys use gear all the time and come accross all kinds of problems and continue with their cycles and even go back on!

I did notice that the product would often cause white patches on my skin like maybe not being absorbed, but that's because there was some overlap with the spraying I think. It would just kinda flake off.

I still find it very stange...
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Tin Can,

It was unfair of me to expect Cy to talk about something that was essentially a business decision.

Nandrosol and Androsol were manufactured for us by a quirkly little company near San Diego.

We told them what we needed done, and they pretty much engineered a machine to do it. The machine was plagued by problems. It even caught on fire once. Lines got clogged all the time. They hated making it and they were often way behind the production schedule. The workers who made it had to dress like HazMat guys.

Even so, Nandrsol, being sort of a weak sister to Androsol, wasn't very popular. It was used mainly by guys who were overly paranoid about side effects. Androsol, however, sold well.

After a while, we never placed any more orders for Nandrosol.

In the meantime, we were working on MAG-10, and when Bill Roberts and Tim succeeded, we moved entirely in that direction and phased out Androsol entirely.

MAG-10 was just plain vastly superior (not to mention that Androsol was a pain to make).


Fair enough, thanks TC for the answer, now tell me who is bodybuilder X? (Just kidding)

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