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This weekend was the Libertarian Party’s convention. I recall a few people saying they are Libertarian, on this board.

Just wondering what people think of the candidate who was nominated, and the rest of the candidates and convention?

I was suprised to see Badnarik with the nomination. Both Russo and Nolan had higher-profile campaigns, and I hadn’t even heard of Badnarik until a week ago.

I’m surprised they didn’t nominate Harry Brown again. Anyway, I’ll have to call my ex gf and ask her what heppened – she was at the convention.

I second valek’s comment. I agree so much with libertarians on social issues - I’m still trying to figure out where I need to be in terms of economics. You know everyone talks about Nader costing the Dems the election but I wonder if disenchanted conservatives may flock to the libertarians and cost W this election.

Zeppelin: the key is economics. There are no social issues, only economic ones.

Lucid has a good point. Almost all social issues can be traced back to economics. Having an advanced degree in economics is what turned me onto the Libertarian party in the first place.

Zeppelin - If you are unsure where you stand on economic issues, you could check out lp.org. They give short essays on where they stand, and why they do. You can compare those proposed policies to the policies in use today to come to a conclusion on what makes more sense to you.

I watched part of the debates between the 3 presidential candidates. It appeared that all of them were completely against our misadventure in Iraq. One candidate said that we should bring the troops home immediately, as well as troops stationed in Japan, Germany, etc. That got a nice round of applause.

I was struck by the amount of anti-Bush sentiment I was hearing. Maybe it was because the GOP is the party in power, and in other years they may have gone after the Democrats equally as aggressively.

But it sounded like all the candidates were quite unhappy with the Bush administration.


If you knew anything at all about "L"ibertarians you would not be surprised in the least. They have traditionally been almost as isolationist as paleoconservatives, despite any differences in rationalizations for those beliefs.