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Liberation by the Unions



The attached article is written by a CNN jornalist, so please do not think that this is a conservative trying to beat up on Unions. This is a Left leaning jornalist. Have fun reading, but know that if the Unions keep up this crap they will be going down. Oh yeah they are on their way out. Obama eats up this stuff, you know that the former leader of the SEIU visited the Obama White House the most during his first year in office. Go figure.


Wait another 20 years. Wait until the inhabitants of ghettos, public housing, and slums are informed there's no money to cut them a check, or to administer their social services. The US isn't immune to civil unrest, we all know this. It's going to get very ugly. We aint seen nothin' yet.


Seems like sour grapes to me. It's all about power to the people until the people show up in your very nice neighborhood and fuck up your morning coffee.

Then out comes the poison pen and the belly aching.


I am sure it is called disturbing the peace, trespassing, and some kind of intimidation stuff.


Exactly. These people are the most disgusting kind. They preach and holler about inequality and how we (actual taxpayers) should be giving this and that. But god forbid there are some less than savory people that start creeping into their little oasis' tucked away in the Hamptons or some other well off neighborhood.


What I found amazing about the article, and I recommend you read it, SEIU owes Bank of America $4 Million dollars. I would think this is the reasoning behind this protest and not the forclosure proceedings. This guy is a lawyer so I would sue the SEIU with everything I have.

This jornalist called the house to make sure the son was ok. He was frightened and was under the impression they were going to burn the house down around him. He locked himself in the bathroom. This behavior is unacceptable. The police were even afraid to try and break up the protest. The police thought a riot would insue. These types of scare tactics are going to back fire. If this would have been in Texas and they were in my yard, my shot gun would have had to say hello. I am going to put the SEIU in the same category as that stupid church that protests the US soldiers funerals.


Even more disturbing is the fact that such protests are illegal in Maryland and that it was DC police who escorted the SEIU buses from DC to that nieghborhood in another police departments jurisdiction WITHOUT informing the MD police that they were doing so and knowing full well the MD law regarding such protests!!

Once we leave the concept of a peaceful demonstration and resort to the tactics of personal intimidation, we have left the ideals of democracy (general term) and merey resorted to being thugs and bullies. SEIU knows where the BofA offices are and they can just as easily protest in front of those offices, but they have chosen (time and time again) to resort to mob tactics and physical threats to try to intimidate people.

What's wrong with your protest SEIU if you cannot simply have a peaceful and meaningful dialogue with the rest of us about your issues? Why is SEIU hiding behind such hateful speech and tactics? Why does SEIU resort to the same tactics the mob used to try to influence contracts and debts? Why isn't the media following this line of questioning?


Usually when the SEIU has a protest they call the local media to come out and film the protest. This one they did not call the local media. Thank God the media lived across the street. This was a direct attack on this man alone to intimidate him and the other people in Bank of America. This had nothing to do with a protest of Bank of America forclosing on houses people have stopped paying on. This was a statement that says we know where you all live, and if you do not give us what we want you all will get more of this. Who knows what will happen next.

On a personal note, when I was a small child before I can remember, my father was threatened by a union that if they were not paid more than the non union employees they would kill him and his family. These tactics are not new to the unions, but this is there standard of practice no matter which union you are apart of.


I somtimes wonder how far some people have their heads up their asses.

I would never threathen to harm another mans family, because if you do that all bets are off.

Besides being completely immoral, such behavior is dangerously stupid.


I agree. The original reasons for unions were great. I would have backed them in the early formation of them. Working conditions were deplorable, and wages were bad. But over the past 50-60 years the Government has stepped in to take over that role. Now it is no more that a way to organize the mob to threaten people to give into demands, and enrichen union leadership. They no longer help the workers. I don't know about other countries, but it happens here in the U.S. all the time. The unions even turn on their own that want to feed their families. The unions call them scabs, to dehuminize the worker. The person that crosses a picket line only wants to feed their family. They want a job with a fair wage not an inflated wage, which is what unions are doing in this day in time. Look at Greece for crying out loud.


The unions can't go away fast enough. Toyota just partnered with Tesla to build electric cars in CA. The UAW started harassing them within 24 hours of the announcement.


It is important to realize that police are an organized work force too. Unions do not go against other unions. Therefore, It is not surprising that there was no police response to this act.

As for the actual protest- I do believe that it was a rotten and misguided effort to intimidate, which is wrong. The SEIU apparently could not have made a worse choice of targets. But here's the but. Just as in recent political elections, people are getting personal. A boundary has been broken, and now that it has, there is no going back.

I'm a bit on the fence as to whether or not it is right or wrong. On one hand, I don't feel that harassing a person at home and using thug tactics are right. On the other hand, business leaders and politicians can not just dictate policy and practices that can adversely affect millions of people and dismiss it as "just business" or "just politics". Partitioning their decisions in the office from their effects on actual lives is a dangerous practice.


I'm going to agree with your sentiment as expressed but completey disagree with the personal tactics - we are a nation built on rule of law. There are processes and procedures for accomplishing any goal you may have - form policy reform to legislative changes and even electoral changes of office holders. The tactics of thuggery circumvent the lawful proccesses and supplant law with force. There is no justification for assaulting a man's private residence over a dispute with his employer's policies - this is so beyond the Pale that it staggers one's conceptions of fairness and decency.

The boundary has only been broken by the left. You don't see tea partiers camped out on the President's private property, invading private neighborhoods to protest business practices, barging into private offices and property to demonstrate and intimidate business owners - there is one side responsible for the thuggery and we all know which side that is.


That is not true.


People in general are scared. They have been hit directly where they live. They are doing the same to those that they feel have done or are doing it to them.