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Liberals vs. Regressive Left


I am so sick of presidential discussions I could puke. So this is not that. This is an interesting phenomenon occurring and fracturing the left wing. You have your traditional liberals now pretty much at war with what they call the ‘Regressive Left’. Those who slid down the slide of the slippery slope introduced by traditional liberalism and have now taken it to the extreme.
The god, the muse, the idol of this extreme leftist movement is ‘Political Correctness’. Many of us have long known the potential damage of the idea that one must not only avoid intentionally insulting another person, but that one must censor themselves in an extreme way so as to avoid collateral of those who may be offended.
The lie that is political correctness has taken an ugly turn, by which now it is impossible not to offend anybody. We always knew it was a lie, but we didn’t stand up for our values. Now we have attacks on our fundamental rights of a free society. The loss of free speech is the loss of everything we supposedly hold dear.
Even those on the left are in vicious fights with those on the left. Naturally, the media glorifies the most extreme views and defends those and traditional liberals are now starting to feel the sting of being left out in the cold by the very media they created.
Sam Harris is a liberal and he is mad… at other liberals.


Most halfway intelligent libs have seen this coming for some time now.


I think people get sick and tired of continuously being told what to do and how you should live your life, especially by unfounded self righteous pricks deified by no one other than themselves.


AAAAAAND perfect timing…

More people scared to death, and offended from the chalk.



The student who wrote the complaint letter is named Michael Lynch. Cue the irony lulz.


I don’t know, but can someone explain to me why I am the bad guy for not wanting to use the same restroom at the same time as a group who themselves refused to use the restroom with another group of people?


Your lack of offensive comprehension and deliberation…offends me deeply.


As a baker, I’ll bake a birthday cake for a homosexual without a second thought. But, later, I explain I can’t bake a wedding cake for your homosexual wedding. Bam, I should have the full force of the law drive me to bake that wedding cake, abstain from selling any wedding cakes, or close shop.

A girl who says she is a he doesn’t want to use the restroom with women. I don’t want to use the restroom with her. My choice of who to use the restroom with is “bigoted.” Never-mind that she doesn’t want to use the bathroom with another group of people.

It’s all madness. The inmates run the asylum now. Maybe you can eek out a win against a highly unlikeable progressive liberal who also happens to be under investigation by FBI with a likeable moderate Republican (compared to Cruz) this time…By the fact that it would even be competitive tells you who won the political/cultural war. We’re a progressive nation. Not even a liberal nation, but a progressive nation.


And it’s fucking terrifying.


When the right to say something someone may not like gets taken away, it is indeed a time to fear. Fuck progressives, I will say what I want.
What a betrayal of the free speech rallies people fought so hard for on college campuses. The progressives want to jam us backward 500 years. How are you progressive when you are going in the wrong direction?



This is why I identify as a man of Mexican heritage trapped in a white-man’s body…I get to shed all the white guilt/privilege. Her mistake was to not pick up a new race along with the gender. Hey, I mean my Anthro book told me both are social constructs!


I am making sure that ALL my sources are other liberals. I am glad they are having the problem. It would be dishonest for traditional liberals, though, to deny that it’s their bad ideas that these new enemies are running wild with. When they started their politically correct bullshit in the late '80’s, this laid the ground work for these so called regressives.


Interesting topic Pat and I have been paying atention to this issue myself for some time now.
Now as a man of the left I can say with confidence that this is much less of an issue within the left that it might seem from the outside. The People who uses the term “regressives” to describe everryone on the left except themself is a small subset of New-atheists types. The irony is offcourse that most of this people are better described as centrists rather than leftists, so so-much for an infight within the left. So who are the “regressives” that this New-atheists are talking about? Well it is People who hold the position that not all muslims are bad because som are reactionary fuckheads (jihadists, the saudi Kingdom etc). Its also People who peddle ideas like safe-Spaces, trigger warnings etc (in short third-way feminism type people). Thirdly it is People who uses certain types of tactics, like expsosing people on facebook and so on. Now according to the centrists I am a “regressive” because I Object to a reductionistic describtions of muslims, but at the same time I think Things like trigger warnings are nonsense and is a concept that should be in the carbage can. I am also not a big fan of the “lets ruin a persons life, because they said som stupid shit on facebook”. In conclusion I think the New-atheist critique of the left has some merrits, but the term regressive is a Straw-man and is rather ironic since some of the People who uses it hold some ideas that could be described as regressive. A better term for the college People who peddle concepts like trigger-warnings are in my opinion better described as annoying-liberals.


I disagree with you in the scope of this regression. It has grown exponentially especially on college campuses. There are dangerous ideas that need to be squashed.

The tactic of shouting down your opponents and insulting and dismissing them with a label goes against all good discussion, intellectual honesty or any attempt to search for truth no matter how small.


Well I am not american so obviously I dont know that well what goes on at american campuses, so offcourse its possible my perception is coloured by my experiences in Norway. As an example, the trigger-warning idea have zero traction in my country.



Yeah, totally different culture. As someone who has traveled extensively and spent a lot of time abroad, I can tell you with complete confidence, the U.S. is the exception.
My experience in Europe is that Europeans are generally more laid back than Americans. We can have the same exact laws, but in Europe the following of the law is more or less relative to what country your in and what region in the country you are in. In Europe I have seen ash trays sitting at tables with a no smoking sign on it. In northern Spain, people open smoking pot in bars. Once I entered a country I never needed ID for any reason, I did not even carry ID with me anywhere I went because nobody cared how old I was when buying alcohol, tobacco or even drugs in the local pharmacia.
Spain was particularly awesome because they were soooooo laid back. I had gathered all the Spanish names of all the steroids I was interested in. I would hit every pharamacia in every town I went and bought their stock out of what ever they happened to have. Deca and Winstrol was what I was able to get and they usually had only one or two bottles, since I am guessing not many people came in looking for the stuff. But I was able to get it, over the counter with no ID.
None of that shit would ever happen in the U.S.
The U.S. is a great country, but a lot of people here tend to be uptight and care way to much about what other people are doing rather than themselves. People in Europe don’t give a fuck and leave you alone.


I think that is honestly the one thing we could learn from Europe.


"…The U.S. is a great country; but a lot of people here tend to be uptight and care way to much about what other people are doing rather than themselves…

I sure hope you don’t think that this is problem that is exclusive to the Left, Pat…


Well Norway is not as laid back as perhaps Spain, we have rather strict laws regarding alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc. But in the university setting, those issues gripping american campuses are non-issues here, meaning I have never heard anyone mentioning them ever (I’m thinking of the issues of safe-Spaces and trigger warnings here).

Btw: I have been in Spain, Italy and Greece and yes they are lax as fuck regarding tobacco and alcohol (Good times).