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Liars or Idiots or Both?



On Fox & Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade claimed, along with an on-screen graphic, that a recent USA Today/Gallup poll found that "61 percent" of Americans are in favor of taking away collective bargaining rights from public unions. In fact, Fox aired the results of the poll completely backward: the Gallup poll found that 61 percent of Americans are opposed to taking away collective bargaining rights.


Reading the Gallup poll's wording, I find it hard to believe that the results of the poll could be misconstrued to such an extent. I'm going to say 'idiots' (I hope).


I'd say both, but in this case it was the idiocy to blame (I hope).


It would almost necessarily be a mistake - it beggars belief that anyone would think he could misreport a widely available poll on a controversial topic and not get immediately called out on it.


They are making an awful lot of these mistakes lately.


sounds like the poll is wrong to me, at least where I live,

almost makes you wonder, with many people out to get them if they could get someone on the inside to be pulling this crap to completely discredit them. You know one of the research people or something.

Who knows.


It's the same story over and over. They present news in a light that they like, then if someone finds out they call it a mistake.

Why do they even bother with this "Fair and Balanced" facade? It's so obvious what they are doing.


They use that to trick people. Actually, I think they "balance" the mainstream liberal media.


I say just more Republican disinformation .


The Clinton era ended a decade ago......catch up.


So far everyone in this thread (and MediaMatters, I guess) have all forgotten the part where that idiotic liar came back and corrected himself ten minutes later.

So does that make you all liars or idiots, or both?



I don't think anyone here expressed any falsehoods so I don't think liar is applicable. Now we may not have all the information (that you claim to have) but lack of information is not the same as idiocy.

I'm going to hold Fox News to a higher standard than some dudes on the internet.

Edit: Media Matters itself issued an update stating that he did correct himself. It was however 44 minutes later in the final minute of the show.

10 =/= 44. Does that make you an idiot or a liar or both?



Shhh. Not supposed to say that. Media Matters is horrible for this type of thing. It almost seems like they are financed by a leftist.


To have made the mistake in the first place makes them idiots. Obviously.

I could have interpreted the poll and the accompanying graphic correctly at the age of twelve. It is one thing to misread something that you glance at offhand and that has no bearing on your day to day life (or job), but it is another to somehow completely reverse the results of a three-number percentage and then use those results to make an argument on national television in front of X amount of viewers.

That they corrected the mistake is commendable--though, even in the correction they got it slightly wrong. The attempt at honesty rules out liars (in this case). So, we are left with idiocy.


No one reports errors on CNN and MSNBC because no one is watching.


If making a mistake in reporting someone an idiot, then that makes this thread, and indeed this entire board, a much, MUCH funnier place to hang out than was intended, I think.


He corrected the error 10 minutes later after he found out. I would say that makes the error taken care of.

Perhaps next time liberals wish to bash fox news they will get all the facts first before they end up looking like full blown retards like the ones in this thread.


I knew all along that they corrected the error. It was right there on the fucking link. But that doesn't really matter.

An extremely stupid mistake is an extremely stupid mistake whether it is corrected or not. This wasn't a typo or a verbal misstep. This was a group of "news experts" completely reversing the results of a two-number statistic and then USING THOSE RESULTS TO MAKE AN ARGUMENT ON AIR IN FRONT OF GOD KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE. If you glance at something and misread it you are human. If you fuck up a simple poll and then present that fuck-up to an audience on national television, you are fucking stupid.

Most middle school students would correctly read and understand that poll. The fact that Fox went back and corrected it is commendable (though its obviously to be expected). The fact that they made the mistake in the first place makes them fucking stupid.

I would have to be so goddamn drunk to fuck that up that badly, and I have no experience or schooling in journalism.


It's you that needs to catch up my friend. The MSLM got Obama elected and they continue to keep his poll numbers respectable. Where have you been? You're either not paying attention, or you're a blind non-thinking liberal who is spoon fed his information.

Which is it?


Fucking hell, you are something else entirely