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Liao Hui . . . DQed???


So I was perusing the results from the 2010 worlds on www.iwf.net (can't remember what I was even looking for anymore) and noticed that Liao Hui is now listed as disqualified. Headed over to the world records portion of the site, and his 198 clean and jerk and 358 total are still up there as official records. A couple quick google searches couldn't come up with anything. Anybody else hear about this? Know what the deal is?


Strange...Miculescu is also listed as disqualified...


I knew instantly he was jucing when did a backflip after the lift, thats not possible.

Seriously though its not like we didnt know alot of them are using already.


but still interested to know what happened.


If it was a positive test, I would have expected his records to have been erased, and I would've thought there would have been an announcement of some sort. Neither of which (I think) has happened. I also thought the Chinese were supposed to be pretty good at beating the tests?


not sure about his record, maybe because he didn't text positive at the comp so he still gets the record. I suppose they didn't want the embarresment of it to be public. could he have done something to causes himself to be banned like bad sportsmanship?


Personally I honestly think the doping control is all money-related bullshit so I find it pointless to try and understand what's going on behind the scenes.


pure speculation, but it's got to be doping-related.

brb gonna start my own weightlifting federation where doping is not only encouraged, it's required.


I did notice he wasn't on the Worlds Championships 2011 start list?! They have 2 other Chinese guys!



Its not like the IWF and OC want the drugs to stop, the more records are broken the more interesting the sport looks, the more spectators, the more money.


Interesting fact: In the 105+ of this years world champs there is Pat Mendes (US) but also a guy named Patrick Mendez competing for Brasil. First I thought wtf Pat Mendes will be competing for Brasil? :smiley:


Weightlifting was/ is on the verge of being dropped from the Olympics due to drugs busting. It is in their interest to not get busts at the Olympics...it would be SHOCKING if it was not an Olympic sport anymore!



Not saying theres some conspiracy but i dont think it'd be that hard for them to not bust people at the olympics. regardless there's alot of drugs in the sport.

Btw seriously? dropping OLYMPIC weightlifting from the OLYMPICS? The irony of the situation would be pretty funny.


There is WADA and the local countries responsibility to test their own athletes as well. In the UK I know our top lifter has had at least 6 drugs test this year alone. At least 2-3 are out of competition random as well. 2 were even within a week of each other LOL.

It was more hyped in 2004 and 2008 if the sport didn't clean up and get so many busts at the Olympics. If they bust people not at the Olympics it is better. It means testing is working/ testing precedures/methods are better than before. Whatever as long as they bust more people.

Dropping Olympic weightlifting would be DEVASTATING for the sport.



Not sure what's going on there - Liao Hui was tested out of comp in August this year, and I can't see why he'd be tested if he'd been DQ'ed for failing a test at the 2010 Worlds. I don't think there are even any doping cases from the Worlds still outstanding. Nothing on Polska Sztanga either, which is usually where any doping news comes out first (some of the names of those who tested positive at the Euros this year were up before the IWF has even published any details, sketchy as that may be). Maybe there's an obscure rule that bans hairy moles?





IWF banned list updated today. Of interest:

Gevorik Poghosyan ARM 16-04-2015
Liao Hui CHN 30-09-2014
Alexandru Rosu ROU 14-04-2015


Well, there ya go. Does he get to keep his world records though? How does that work?

Edit: Is that you training at Koing's gym in your new avi?


I think he keeps the records. Boevski and Markov also got banned and kept their records.


The difference is Liao Hui set those records at the same comp he got caught at, so his results from that comp are voided. Boevski and Markov didn't get banned until 2003, and their records were set in 1999 and 2000 respectively.

Jonty: yes, I train with Koing now.