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Liam Hoekstra...Super Human?

Future Football Star?..kid with rare gene makes him super human

Jaw-dropping strength. Breath-taking speed. Phenomenal agility. Olympian feats."

With origins and abilities worthy of fitting a comic book hero, these are words that reporters and doctors have used to describe Liam Hoekstra. The thing is this: Liam is only a toddler.

Born only 19 months ago, Liam came into the world with many birth defects. He had a small hole in his heart, enlarged kidneys, frequently vomited and was born four weeks premature. Medical records indicated that his biological father was “unusually strong”.

Due to conditional circumstance, Liam was adopted at birth by the Hoekstra family.

Little did the family know that they were adopting a child with a very rare and special genetic condition.

The Hoekstra’s quickly began to notice Liam being able to do things out of the ordinary. Two days after birth, he was able to fully stand-up and support his own weight, given someone held his hands.

Months later he began developing ripped abs, naturally doing pull-ups, inverted sit-ups, Olympic styled iron cross, thigh muscles compared to that of Lance Armstrong and even punching holes into walls during tantrums (accidentally gave his Mom a black eye once as well).

What really amazed his family was what happened whenever he fell.

“When he fell backward, he would land on his butt, but he never hit his head on the ground,” Dana Hoekstra said. “His stomach would tense up and he would catch himself before his head hit the ground. You could see his stomach muscles. He had a little six-pack,” said his adoptive mother, Dana, in an interview.

After further investigation into Liam’s ability, doctor’s found he was genetically unique as he has a condition called myostatin related muscle hypertrophy.

In Liam’s case, his body’s muscles reject myostatin, allowing them to undergo quick growth and repair.

What does that entail, exactly?

Liam can expect to have up to 50% more muscle mass than average, ridiculous levels of strength, fast metabolism, and hardly any body fat. His mother mentions, “Liam has never had any body fat…the only fat he has is in his cheeks.”

Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy is a condition that is still somewhat new to scientific scrutiny, and until 2000, was not adequately documented as occurring in humans. Before this time, the best known example was that from ridiculously buff Belgian Blue cattle, a picture of which is below.

While this condition is extremely rare in humans, to the point where doctors cannot predict with significant confidence how many people would have it worldwide, there were some concerns about Liam’s lack of fat, which is needed for proper neurological development. Fortunately, like the other mentioned conditions that were present at his birth (all of which healed and subsided), Liam amazingly has shown little to no problems.

The biggest concern right now for the Hoekstra family is keeping Liam fed and at ideal weights. With his enlarged muscles and super-fast metabolism, odds are he can probably down his fair share of giant steaks.

here is the full article on this site…its amazing

just look at his forarms


Some one just posted this yesterday.

I wish they saved his stem cells for research.

I wish I was engineered like that…

Just need to make sure he eats enough to actually grow in height lol

It makes me wonder if historical figures like Hercules had a condition such as this. Certainly such a person would become legendary. (Herc was an actual person looong ago)

Generally if humans were all built like this kid we all would have been dead long ago. Fat is more important than muscle to survival.

I thought Hercules was a mythical character?


Here you go fellas. Let me know how it works out for you.

Maybe big macs and sody pops might help this kid gain enough fat and get enough calories to gain weight.
I wonder if hes going to be playing Proffesional sports when hes older

[quote]robo1 wrote:
I thought Hercules was a mythical character?[/quote]

There are tonnes of myths built up around him, however, when Alexander the Great went around conquering the world, part of his idea was to trace Hercules’ footsteps, and many places he went knew stories of when Hercules was there - by that time, it was already long ago.

so there most likely was a real person who travelled the world and made a name for himself.

We are talking about places like Persia and India, so this Herc dude really got around back then.

He was obviously an exceptional fellow or had really, really good marketing

What about the adults that have this condition? What are they doing? Did they waste their strength away?

Are we really living in a world where its HUmans against Mutants now?
Prof X?

[quote]Airtruth wrote:
What about the adults that have this condition? What are they doing? Did they waste their strength away?

Are we really living in a world where its HUmans against Mutants now?
Prof X?[/quote]


[quote]Magarhe wrote:
It makes me wonder if historical figures like Hercules [/quote]

That is seriously one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. Thanks for the chuckle.