I was wondering, it was said in an article earlier this year that luteinizing hormone is most responsible for libido. If so how do you increase it. In turn to up sex drive. I know how to up T levels but was wondering about LH. Thanks.

I think DHT actually plays a larger role than LH. Unfortunately you can’t buy any DHT supplements (though increasing T should increase DHT, to a point).

Actually, I don’t think you can point to just
one thing and say that “x is the most
important factor in libido.” Sex drive is a
complex multi-faceted thing, and varies from
individual to individual, so what works for
one person may not work for another. You have
to approach it from different angles and see
what works for you.

BTW, it is theorized that one method by which
Tribex works by increasing LH, so you might
try that. Also, clomid increases LH if you
have access to it. Hope that helps.

Tribulus Terrestris, one ingredient in Tribex, stimulates the pituitary to produce more LH. LH stimulates the testicles to produce more Testosterone. On a side note, I learned in school yesterday that in females LH stimulates ovulation and growth of breast tissue…