LH Desensitization

Hello, my name is thomas and im 20. I am very depressed because of my mistakes. I fucked up with my balls. In fact, in February 2017 (i was 18 years old) i decided to ran a cycle for my bodybuilding purposes. I have a very good genetics for this sport, many people told me i could do a career, So i choose to do a cycle. I now realise how it was stupid, i was very uneducated on the thing and very unaware…

The cycle was 500mg per week of test enanthate for 12 weeks, with arimidex 1mg 2x per week. Gains were great. I ran pct with clomid and nolva pharma grade but failed to restart. I was very depressed, moody, low libido and low confidence. So i made the ultimite mistake: i chose to put myself on unsupervised Trt. Dosage was 150mg per week with 0.5 mg arimidex.

However, i chose to stop in january 2018. In fact, living at my parents house, this was difficult to hide, i was tired to all of this shit. So i stayed one year on T in total, and i didnt take any hcg unfortunately, wich lead to skrink balls.

So it s been 1 year i stopped gear, and i still have not recovered fully. Testicles still 50% the initale size, they are half the normal size. Its very embarrassing. My sperm is very watery and clear. Libido is bad for my age but i can get it up (thank lord). Endo told me i will heal with time but nothing change in one year!

I have done a dozen of bloodwork this year:

-Totale Testosterone is usually between 350ng/dl and 450ng/dl
-E2 between 24pg and 48pg.
-Prolactin between 12ng/ml and 20ng/ml
-LH between 3.5ui/l and 7.5ui/l would say 5ui/l on average
-FSH between 3.5UI/l and 7.6UI/l would say 5ui/l on average

When i was 16 year old i got an hormonal check and totale test was 700ng/dl, e2 were 30pg, LH was 3.5UI and prolactin was 10ng/ml

I think i have developed partial primary because of long term LH depravation, since i didnt take any hcg during one year. It seems that my balls dont fully react to LH and FSH stimulation

What do you think about my situation? and what can i do?

Thanks for reading and for your help

Taking HCG will probably work jsut fine. Will it restart your system. I don’t think so. Will it work? Yah I can’t see why it wouldn’t. Guys start trt and don’t take hcg for months or years. They start when they want to be fertile and it works for them.

Get a good trt doc not a clinic to work with. You’ll have better chances of recovery.

You really need to read the stickies and educate yourself. You spent the money on lab work but no free t. So many other values you want to check. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself On this topic further.

An endocrinologist in Europe more than not will be useless, most have zero knowledge as it pertains to the HPTA, most endo’s fail at thyroid matters as well, especially in Europe.

Endocrinologist will say you’re fine landing below midrange of testosterone, even if you are low normal, they will tell you you’re fine in the face of all the classic symptoms of low testosterone and have no idea or care in the world to educate themselves on where 20 year olds are typically scoring testosterone wise.

You need clomid 12.5-25mg EOD and an AI on hand just in case. There’s no way state healthcare (NHS) is going to prescribe TRT to a 20 year old with your levels. You may have some luck with Balance My Hormones in Dorset or at least help in locating a knowledgeable hormone doctor.

Your going off lab ranges. Lab ranges are shit. Try it and see what happens.

Well I’ve heard of men overdosing HCG and desensitizing the leydig cells and never heard of a case where time increased the leydig cell sensitivity. There are not many who recover naturally from abusing steroids, you better get used to the idea of TRT for life.

No one yet knows the consequences for shutting down a young man’s HPTA early in life, the HPTA is still developing past 30 years old.

Wow I’m sorry didn’t recal that in your post when I responded.

Honestly I have researched this topic for many days , nothing like system, and I to would say it’s gonna be super hard to fix this if you’ve already tried everything.I suggest you do the following, It’s what i would do.

Research research research and find all the ways docs have restarted a young mans system.

Make a list in order of priority with the top being a restart and the bottom being trt.

I totally understand what it must feel like at your age, but you are in a bad spot. This was due to aas abuse and mismanagement of health. I know you regret it now, but it’s the truth.

There’s no reason to chase your tail once all solutions have been tried.

Get on the trt and move on with it. There’s plenty of men who have been on trt for 30years. Your not going to have issues if you don’t abuse it.

In another 10-20 years the hormone industry will have doubled or tripped and the industry will be much better and more advanced. I hope…

Yes sir do everything you can before trt . You want to know you tried it all. Water fasting is what? No food for 30 days just water?

That’s what I was wondering. That can’t be true though.

Ya no way one could manage. No nutrients nothing. Maybe a liquid diet.

I would do sunrise to sunset. Eat at sunrise and wait till sunsets to eat again. No water nothing all day: if you really want to detox. Do this for 30 days. It’s proven to heal.

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Did you try nolvadex along with hcg? I thought a PCT involved both. ATLEAST THats what I’ve seen guys do.

i think its called ramadan or something like that. think its a belief.

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Are you doing it for religious reasons as well @anon70364157?

I’m Muslim and we fast 30 Days during the month of Ramadan. It’s sun up to sun down. Cannot ingest anything. No water medicine and etc.

That’s dangerous is it not? I would expect that to harm the body over time.

Not even close. It’s very healthy. Cells regenerate. Body is healthier when you are done than before. Been doing it for 1400 years and a hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world do it every year.

You have to be 15 and healthy. Cannot do this if you have diabetes and etc.

But yeah where do you think they got intermittent fasting from.

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Oh and mentally it just brings you to a whole new level year after year.

m 30 days fasting without food or water? i just read you can’t survive without water after 3 days of not getting any.

I call BS.
Google? how long can the human body survive without drinking water?

One study in Archiv Fur Kriminologie concluded that you can’t survive more than 8 to 21 days without food and water.

They eat and drink after sundown.


I said sunrise to sunset.