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LH and FSH Zero, Semen Way Above Normal


Okay, so I have been taking 100 mg of Test Cyp since June. In October, I put myself on HCG, as I couldn't obtain a script for it. My question is as follows. My wife and I were concerned about having children while I'm on TRT. In February, I went to have my FSH, LH, and semen tested to see if we would be able to conceive. Both my LH and FSH came back with results of less than 0.1, which basically means they are non-existent. However, my semen analysis showed that I have WAY above average sperm. Every test they did on my semen came back well above the normal range. Not only that, I knocked up my wife literally two weeks into trying. Talk about super sperm. Anyways, it is my impression that both LH and FSH are critical to sperm production and development. How is it possible that those two are absent from my body, but my sperm is as high as it is? Anyone able to take a swing at this?


HCG acts like LH, thus explaining why the low LH was no impediment.

On low FSH, it’s been shown that when spermatogenesis was already active, HCG alone can maintain it for some time: http://www.eje-online.org/content/147/5/617.full.pdf


It’s expected that LH and FSH will be close to zero while on TRT, that’s a normal finding.

The hCG is essentially tricking your testicles into functioning normally.


Your testes are doing well with very little FSH. Luck you [two]