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LGD Stand Alone PCT


Hey guys, I got a bottle of LGD I’ve been taking at 7.5mg for awhile now and I’m coming towards the end, I messed up and got the wrong size bottle so I’m only doing a 6 week cycle…anyway, I have a bottle of AD-3 PCT, I’m wondering if that will be sufficient to state taking after the cycle is complete.


Not really, but you’ll probably recover anyway because, given enough time, you’ll come back to homeostasis. LGD is suppressive, but as far as any data say it doesn’t cause full shutdown. The ad-3 is probably going to do more harm than good, if we’re looking at it scientifically. The main selling point is the estrogen blocking drug arimistane, which does actually seem to work decently, especially for an otc medication. But you don’t need to block estrogen, you need to jumpstart your hpta to start producing testosterone normally again. So I don’t see the benefit of the ad-3. Its main draw is that it will effectively crash your e2. That doesn’t seem like something you’d want to do after a cycle. But then again the guys who sell this stuff make an awful lot of money, so in the end I guess they’re smarter than me.


So is there another kind of mini PCT you would recommend so someone doesn’t feel like crap? a serm at a lower dosage maybe?


Why not just run Nolva for a few weeks? A better question is why run LGD solo in the first place?


I wouldn’t even do a pct without getting bloodwork at the end of your cycle. Since LGD isn’t known to cause shutdown, I would want to see what your T levels are at before taking any more drugs. It might not be necessary. Following a full nolva pct protocol doesn’t make a lot of sense to me unless you KNOW your HTPA is shutdown. In my opinion, it makes the most sense to limit drug intake when appropriate.


@flipcollar @iron_yuppie

I apologize if I come off as a dick here however LGD-4033 can easily cause shut down of the HPTA. clinical data shows a mere 1mg of LGD-4033 decreases total testosterone levels by nearly 400ng/DL, it also decreases free testosterone significantly as well as SHBG, LH, FSH, increases LDL cholesterol and decreases HDL cholesterol.

The supression of testosterone caused by LGD appears to be dose dependant as 0.1mg/day lowers total testosterone by only 100ng/DL ish. The individual who created this post said he took 7.5mg of LGD/day therefore it would be a reasonable assumption that it would be enough to nearly totally shut off his natural testosterone production similar to the way anabolic steroids would (a small amount of testosterone is produced by the adrenal glands… And I mean a reeeeaaaallly small amount… Unless one has a tumor on or around the adrenal glands). I don’t understand how SARMS would shut down testosterone production as the body shouldn’t recognise them as an exogenous androgen as they are not steroidal in structure and I don’t believe they are synthesized from cholesterol or any base hormone, therefore I don’t understand the mechanism behind the shutdown, maybe @physioLojik knows?

Anyhow I’m gonna leave some screenshots from the study


Data taken from this study

The Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Effects of LGD-4033, a Novel Nonsteroidal Oral, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, in Healthy Young Men

I take no credit for any of this Info however there are other studies showing suppressive characteristics of SARMS. That coupled with the deleterious effects on cholesterol makes me think they carry similar risks in comparison to anabolic steroids without significant androgenic effect, therefore I don’t see why anyone would use something that has probably the same risks but isn’t well researched (however anabolic steroids aren’t particularly well researched either but at least there’s SOME data). Anecdotal reports also say LGD can cause blood pressure spikes.

I should also mention some SARMs are steroidal in nature. YK-11 is an example, although it structurally looks more like an anabolic androgenic steroid to me however it’s labelled as a SARM so whatever

Also check this out https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cl-4AS-1 apparently it’s an anabolic steroid and a 5a reductase inhibitor, super interesting sounding I’m gonna go do a ton of research on this


no worries man. I don’t know jack shit about LGD. I don’t like the idea of taking anything that suppressive for just 6 weeks, it makes no sense to me. I was going off of what yuppie said as far as how suppressive it is. If it’s causing shutdown, then I wouldn’t take it at all, because a 6 week cycle followed by a 4 week PCT is going to net you just about 0 net gains, particularly if what you’re taking is a mild steroid. Buuuuuuut since that ship has sailed, I suppose the PCT is the right course. I’d still get bloodwork if possible though, that’s never a bad idea.


My buddy just wrapped up a run of lgd. He went and did bloodwork just after and everything came back normal for him. I have seen others bloodwork where they were completely shut down by lgd of lgd was really what they were taking. You never know with this grey market crap.


If you look into the report regarding SARMs you can see the disparity between what was labeled and what was actually in the caps/liquid. Tamoxifen shows up a number of times in some of the SARMs. Dosages are way off for a lot of the others. It’s the Wild West.