LGD Dosage and Results

Hey guys. First post here after a long time lurking. I’m a natural lifter, been lifting for about 15 years. Recently have been researching sarms. I have a bottle of lgd and I’m not sure what my layout will be. I have read so many varying results from many boards. Some say it is very mildly suppressive , othes say total shutdown. I gather there are lots of factors that cause results to vary.

So, I’m a 45 male, 213lbs, 71" tall. 16% BF. Looking to recomp. I was thinking lgd for 3 weeks at 2.5mg/ed, then 3 weeks of mk-2866 for 10mg/ed. I have a bottle of Hcgenerate I was going to take every day.

PCT needed with this setup? I’m new to this and took advice from the evo forum. Seems like I have now learned they are sponsored by the place I went to for the LGD. Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted an unbias opinion.

Any thoughts?


i’ve never used LGD (yet), but i do know that it’s pretty suppressive. you need a real PCT afterwards.

Ostarine is also suppressive, but i don’t know what the point is of taking a low dose of that after you come off LGD… i would not do that, unless you have a real specific reason for that.

Hcgenerate is another product that Evo sells, that they claim is similar to HCG… i’m pretty sure that’s a bunch of BS. it is unlikely to hurt you in, however, so if it helps a little bit then you might as well use it since you have it…

IMO, the Evo forum gives some really bad cycle advice… i got banned over there when i posted some links to actual clinical data that contradicted some of their moderators. take that for what it’s worth…

what is the advantage of using shit like this over testosterone? I could understand if it wasn’t suppressive, but we know it is, so…?

Is it purely because you don’t have to inject it? That, I could understand I suppose.

The issue is the legality. It is not an option as the risk are to high. sarms legal to buy.


Do you know people who used sarms, that why you say they are suppressive? What was the dosage?
For someone who has been natural and gear is not an option, the lower dose sarm could be an advantage.
What clinical data did you provide? Was it related to sarms?


LGD-4033: The safety, pharmacokinetics, and effects of LGD-4033, a novel nonsteroidal oral, selective androgen receptor modulator, in healthy young men - PubMed