LGD-4033 Cycle Help

So I wasn’t sure where to put this since it’s not a steroid, but still an anabolic/androgenic compound from my understanding.


So i’m planning on running a reasonably low dose LGD-4033 cycle just to figure out what all of this hype is about (along with the fact that if their claims are true, this might actually be a good staple into future cycles)

Plan: Solo LGD-4033 1/3/3/5/5/5/7/7
(Upping to the 7mg a week only if my gains subside at week 6)

My question is, would it be recommended to follow a full on cycle support for this compound? Or is that not necessary. I know it is non liver toxic, so the milk thistle, NAC, and TUDCA isn’t really necessary except for in PCTherapy. But should I still front-load Hawthorn berry and continue it on cycle? Should I be adding Red Yeast Rice for my cholesterol and possibly run HCG throughout the length of the cycle and into my PCTherapy? I already have my PCT laid out, so that’s no problem, I’m just really curious if the on cycle support items are still necessary here.

(To be honest i’ll probably still run them anyways, just wondering the importance of cycle support products on this compound)

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! I’ve been reading around here and other forums for a while and decided that this forum definitely has the best most knowledgeable people for this job. Thank-you guys for all of your opinions and ideas!