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LGD 4033 Cycle and Training

Question for the training experts:

I am planning a cycle of LGD 4033 (I’ve used Ostarine in the past with good recomp results), to start in a couple of weeks. I’m looking to do 4-8 weeks on LGD, which I hear is good for a clean bulk. I’m planning on bumping cals from around 3100 (current) up to 3400 or 3500, assessing the changes as I make them.

My question is what training approach to use. I’ve been using a 16-day split that hits each muscle group roughly every 4-5 days with fairly high volume and a combination of compound and isolation lifts. I’ve backed off for the last couple of weeks to give my joints a break and just deload a bit, so I’m training with lower volume and hitting things once per week.

I’m wondering whether I should do something like CT’s “power look” program or just go back to the high volume split that hits things once every 4-5 days rather than once per week. Or something else. And would the use of the SARM influence the type of training - eg more volume or less, greater frequency or less.

Main goal is upper body hypertrophy, particularly in the usual areas - upper back & traps, delts, chest. My self assessment puts weak areas as medial delts, lower/mid chest, upper back/traps and brachialis. strengths are legs, upper chest and triceps.

As far as stats, I’m 6’0, 190, around 10% bf (lean enough for vascularity in abs, shoulders, etc.). I’m 40 years old, been training for a while (about three years with proper training and diet - before that it was a bit of a joke), tend towards ectomorphic (see pic). Best lifts are

DL - 385 x 8
Front Squat - 215 x 10 ATG (I avoid the back squat because of shoulder mobility issues, but I take these down to where calves touch hammies)
Bench (I focus on incline DB rather than flat bench) 90 lb DB x 8
High Pull - 225 x 15

So probably a mid-intermediate in terms of numbers - not by any means advanced, but not a total rookie either. Hopefully that’s enough information to give you an idea.

Thanks for any input…

I tried MK 2866 once and I used the GVT method. Seems to complement well with the increased cardio fitness this stuff gives you. I got lean and added 2 kg of muscle on a poor vegan diet (by poor i mean not enough protein around 70g daily , carb and fat intake was around 2650 kcal im 5’7" was 74kg lean)

With regards to your planning of a 500 cal increase in calories. Forget it , you will be eating much more and your appetite will not allow you to eat so little calories. :slight_smile:

Have fun with it !

LGD will suppress your natural test production. How quick depends on dosing.