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LGD-4033 and TRT

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this SARM?

I have read that it is suppressive, which wouldn’t be an issue being on TRT. (In fact, I see a lot of people stating that they use it for crusing, while on trt)

My main reason for using it, would be to see what effects it has on my SHBG. Some of the numbers I was seeing were a huge drop in SHBG, which would be great for my Free Test.

Side effects? dosing? precautionary tales? Effects?

Of course I am doing my own research, but this is the community where I post, so I wanted to get some info on usage.

If the SARM data shows less E2 and SHBG then the effect is probably from lower E2 which you should be managing with anastrozole. The study is then not controlled for E2 and effects of SARM may not be any different than from an AI.

With a SARM, you reduce DHT and libido may suffer. If a SARM alone, absolutely and some changes might be irreversible for some guys.

Some guys have high SHBG that will not be responsive. Note that higher bio-T levels suppress SHBG and with SARMs that mechanism may be lost.

Did you mean SARM above in place of where you used SERM twice?

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Thanks! I fixed the post.