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LGD-4033 and Breast Uplift Surgery

Heya all, posting this on behalf of my partner.

She’s a 48 year old amateur bikini competitor. Shes on her first cycle (ever) of lgd for approx 6 weeks @ 5mg per day. She’s having breast uplift surgery in 4 weeks.

She’s responding really well and it seems to be having positive effects on sleep, perimenopause symptom relief, performance and putting on decent muscle gains.

I know it has a short half life however she is wondering how long it would be safe to run it upto her surgery in 4 weeks. Eg. How long will it have adverse effects on blood work for once stopped? If any at that dose? She will be getting bloods done just before the op. And her pre cycle bookwork was spot on.

Cheers everyone,

Can’t imagine it would be an issue if she gave herself a week of clearance time. As long as it’s not trashing her body in other ways that would be harmful it’s unlikely to have any sort of lingering effect. None of the clinical data suggests that it messes with blood, either clotting too much or too little (which would be important for a surgery obviously), but she should try to be clear of everything a week out from her procedure.

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Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.