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LGD 4033 / 677 Stack

Running 10mg of mk677 and 5mg of lgd4033 for 8 weeks ., no test base ., any body tbink it is necessary since I could use 1-andro and be fine but really don’t think I will order it unless I start feeling a crash from low test …, anybody recommend running a test Booster at the least ? Thank you

1-Andro isn’t going to increase testosterone. Test boosters generally don’t work, but at least they’re expensive. You can either run test or not. There isn’t really an in between option. For eight weeks, if you’re already doing it, maybe you just tough it out and know that you’ll be pretty suppressed and work with what you’ve got. I’m typically against oral-only cycles, but I’ve grown tired of that discussion.

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I think MK-677 does not show much in research as far as testosterone suppression (it is for GH / IGF-1 production). I am not sure on LGD 4033?

I think the general thinking on MK-677 is that it needs to be run longer than 8 weeks. More like 4-6 months.

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Only reason I didn’t run a test base because from discussion I’ve seen on forums that it isn’t necessary like you can get away without one and that you can use an affective test booster like one with 5a laxyogen . But also seen in one forum about needing to wait 2 weeks to start pct after your last pin ., tbink I’ll see how I do and if I start feeling weird I’ll stop and run the Nolva and test boosters instead but yeah test boosters probably don’t do shit huh