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LG Sciences


I am not sure exactly where to post this question so I will try here.

I was recently told that if I want to get some great results to try a package of Lg Sciences. The package includes:
Methyl 1-D with Cold Fusion
Liquid Masterdrol
Formadrol with Trib EXtreme
Exo Temp
Slim prohormone and insulin enhancer

Im just trying to find out if these things are worth taking, what they will really do, and if only some of them should be taken.

Thanks for any help.


don't use that shit and get real gear. No, they are not worth taking.


Most supplements of this type are absolutely worthless, and none of them are worth the prices they go for. Don't waste your money!!




I'd try 4 AD or 1 AD or both before any of that other stuff.


I wouldn't even bother with 4 AD to be honest with ya man. However, 1 AD is definitely some good shit.

You have any personal experience with those Hagar? I personally enjoyed the 1 AD....