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Lexoprin for Tendonitis?

I have been training since 1982 and am so fed up with overuse injuries. Tendonitis in elbows, delts, hips, knees you name it I got it. Has anybody tried Lexoprin to help with tendonitis? I’m just so sick of almost every exercise hurting.

I currently do 3 loading weeks and 1 deloading week, then change routine and repeat. I take 1 week off completely every 3 months.

I probably need a entire month off but who the hell wants to take a month off. People love to golf, bowl, play poker ect. I like most of you LOVE to train very intensly, so a month off is not to desireable.

Supplements for joint issues ~ I use 5-6 Flameouts a day{ I kicked it up because of the injuries. 3 tbsp Carlson’s Fish oil Liquid + full dose of Glucosamine + Chondroitin.

I am getting fed up so that’s why I’m asking if anybody has ever tried Lexoprin. The link for it is


What’s in it? How do you know the stuff isn’t already what you’re taking? Don’t trust or buy anything with out knowing what’s in it. Period.


I’m not trying to be a douche here, but why don’t you modify your training so that it doesn’t hurt? As a rock climber and weight lifter I have had problems with tendonitis. Resting and training/performing differently is the only thing that really helped.

As far as supps go, zyflamend is good. But I just worry that taking supps and not changing what you are doing will be worse in the long run.

What’s in this stuff? The web site doesn’t seem to give too much detail about the drug itself. Either way, if you decide to take this, please let me know your results! wilpwr

You need drugs my friend. And Brian Batcheldor is just the man. Follow this recipe and youll be back in no time.

As someone who’s had surgery on both knees and tendonitis in everything that bends, I sympathize with you. GH will probably help you in the long run, but expect some initial “flare up” of your condition after beginning GH therapy. This should only be temporary (around 1-2 weeks) and the use of a good non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, such as “diclofenac,” should help with this.

Try 4 iu/day for a 4-6 week course and back this up with a sound anabolic regimen that contains either Deca or Equipoise–two anabolics with a proven track record with your condition. I would also recommend two veterinary products from Australia, Cosequin and Pentosan Vet.

Cosequin comes in capsule form and contains glucosamine HCL, purified chondroitin sulfate, mixed glycosaminoglycans and manganese ascorbate. The recommended dosage is 4-6 caps/day and they come in bottles of 90 caps. I have seen good results with this product.

Pentosan Vet is an injectable (intramuscular or sub-Q) that comes in a 10ml multidose containing 125mg/ml of sodium pentosan polysulfate. The ideal dosage is generally 3mg/kg bodyweight per injection taken for a total of four injections, each spaced 5-7 days apart. Pentosan polysulfate is a semi-synthetic polysaccharide polymer, which possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and chondroprotective properties via several mechanisms:

  1. Direct anti-inflammatory activity;
  2. Inhibition of neutrophil migration into joints;
  3. Stimulation of hyaluronic acid synthesis by synovial fibroblasts which results in a marked increase in synovial fluid volume and viscosity;
  4. Stimulation of chondrocytes and the biosynthesis of proteoglycans;
  5. Strong fibrinolytic activity which improves the circulation of sub-chondral bone and peri-articular structures.

I can not over-emphasize how effective this product is, with the majority of athletes claiming 100% success rates. I first encountered its use with New Zealand and Australian Rugby teams who were using it regularly to help them deal with the big injury factor in this game of “crunch and tackle”. Tendonitis is the nemesis of many a competitive athlete and I foresee this becoming a standard-use item. I know these products were meant for horses and many people are afraid of using veterinary products, but their use with humans is also well documented. Besides, what’s wrong with being able to fertilize your own garden, along with holding your own with anybody in the locker room?