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Lexapro, Depakote & Steroid Cycles


I recently stopped taking my meds due to wanting to take it easy on my liver due to wanting to get the most out of my cycle. I was taking Lex & Dep… With out the Lex I notice my anxiety gets bad… I was taking the Dep as a mood leveler as I’ve had a history snapping on people and having poor impulse control. Over the years I’ve gotten better with my anger so I feel the Dep isnt necissary plus I really dont like the sides…
Currently Im on 100mg anavar, 200mg test prop eod, 2-4iu HGH ed, anastrozle .25 ed, hcg (as needed)
I also have plenty of clen 20 but Im skeptical about taking it as all this oral stuff cant be great on liver which through many years of booze & recreational drugs cant be great. Also speed makes me aggressive.
10 weeks into cycle and gainz are nice sitting at 195lbs at 10.6BF% Goal was 200lbs at 8% Sooo… Can I take the Lex without any damage to cycle or abuse of liver? Would like to run another 4 weeks


I got off lex during my first cycle ever and for some reason it went really well. I tapered at 50% every two weeks until I was taking a sliver of a pill. I added masteron into my cycle and my current cycle and it helps A TON with my anxiety for some reason. I love it. It’s virtually non existant. Also, 5htp 50mg before bed 5 times a week.