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Lex Luger Talks Steroids

Might be interesting to some, might not be.

Lex Luger, one of wrestling’s most bodybuilder-like physiques, had a shoot interview that briefly talked about his AAS use. FWIW, he’s 61 now and was a pro wrestler throughout his 30s and into his 40s.

“I’d go on a 8 or 12-week cycle and then go off for 8 or 12 weeks […] my agent and trainer always mentored me, ‘if you’re gonna do it, get your bloodwork done’ […] the last 4 or 5 years of my career, when I had my best look, I was on an anti-aging routine. A little bit of growth hormone, a little testosterone and that was it […] I was a test-deca guy. […] most guys can reach their full genetic potential clean and look phenomenal […] I tried winstrol for a couple of cycles but didn’t like the water based, you gotta take a lot of shots.”


I love that he didnt get into specifics about his cycles. He kept the details genric but admitted to his use. I hate to see people think that they can gain the same results just because they mimic a certain cycle. Great to see him in such good health.

Yep, a little test, a little deca…ok brother…sure…wink wink…haha if by a little he means 3 grams of test and 3 grams of deca per week, then it might be more believable…

congrats on your first post on the site. Really spectacular choice for your first post.


Good to see you back around Flip. Hope life is treating you well.

appreciate it man. I don’t expect to be posting as frequently as I used to, and I will be using more discretion on the things I’m willing to address on here. But it’s nice to be involved in the community again.

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Thanks for posting this Chris, I hadn’t seen it before.
Its good to hear how previous generations dealt with gear, the surprising thing is on average they were quite conservative with the amount that they took(though there are exceptions), compared with guys today.

More Plates More Dates, has some interesting video commentaries on youtube covering 90’s bodybuilders, what they took, amounts, PCT, gh, insulin, etc. The videos are about an original series of interviews by Tom Platz, with supposedly anonymous bodybuilders. Its pretty easy to tell who they are despite pixilation. Highly recommended.

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Really interesting stuff, good call. But I didn’t find it on that page, just his reaction to one of the vids.

I found the rest of them on Youtube searching “Tom Platz Backstage Secrets of Pros” it’s like a 3-part series. And yeah, the pixilation was silly and pointless, except for Priest who was like, IDGAF. Anyone familiar with '90s bodybuilding should have no problem at all figuring out who’s who.

I’m a sucker for “shoot” videos, in wrestling or bodybuilding or where ever people peel back the curtain to show what’s really going on.


Have you been watching the semi documentary “Dark Side of the Ring” on Vice cable network?

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To be fair, the amounts regular gym bros are using nowadays fucking blows my mind. I mean seriously: grams of specific compounds.


I’ve caught parts of it online, yep. Funniest thing, growing up I hated Jim Cornette because he was such a tool. Just an absolute annoying douche that I couldn’t stand. Couple years ago it dawned on me that he was just that good at his job. Brilliant guy and a hell of a storyteller.