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Lewhitehurst: How Do You Train



A newbie with a ton of muscle mass!
Welcome here.

Tell us what you do, etc.


I was just thinking this.

I'm interested too, you're a big guy.


Very impressive physique from what I have seen. Would like to hear this as well.


@ 5'8" and 240lbs is IMHO is huge. Really lets me know that I can get that size and look good


That's what this is for:



Also, interested in what an average day of meals is like for you if you don't mind.


DAMN YOU X.. I can actually post in this one (:


Sorry Doc.

But it looks like mine was posted first.



Well, maybe not you, but a real man could.


Ya he complains to much to be a man


He shouldn't be allowed into the T-cell. Everyone without minimal 1000 posts should be banned from the Alpha.


I thought it was quality, not quantity.



Yeah, I feel if I do enough nut hugging, one day it will rub off on me and I too can become a man

I know I know, before you say it I have a long way to go


I though every "How do you train?" thread had to have a minimum of 100 posts. This thread is just sad. SO I'll talk about how I train. Mods, can you change it to Stength4life how do you train?

Wow!!! I'm flattered guys. Well my training methods have varied throughout the months, but as of right now, I'm working around my schooling which gives me five days of balls to the wall training. I train every bodypart once a week and here is how it looks.

Tuesday: Arms

Preacher Curls 4X10
Supersetted with
Rope Pushdowns 4X10

Alternating Curls 4X10
SuperSetted with
Skull Crushers 3X12

Concentration Curls 4X10
Supersett with
Close Grip Bench 4X10

Chinups Superstted wirh Bench Dips

Thursday Back

Deadlift 5X8
Pull ups 7X failure
DB Row 4X10
Tbar Row 4X10
BB row (For real delt detail) 4X8
HS Pulldown

Friday Chest

Weighted Dips 6 sets
Flat DB Press 6 X8
Incline DB press 6 X8
Decline 4X10

Saturday SHolders
Military Press 4X10
LAteral Raise 4 X 10
Front raise 4X12 really really slow negatives

Sunday LEgs (D Day)
Squat 3X10
1X 20 (Quasi Cool down set)
Hack Squat Machine 5X8

Leg Press 4X 10

Lunges 3X 10

Stiff Legged Deald LIft

  3 X10

About six months after I began my first training program, I deicded I wouldn't allow myself to go down in weight numbers, (What I was lifting, not bodyweight.) This meant that if one week I was able to put up 155 on the bench for 10, then the next week only 5, I wouldn't go down in weight.After a while it all really starts to click. I'll post my diet later.


come on... you ain't cool unless your training is in "The Cell" where only a select highly qualified experts can comment on it.


Yeah, I was gonna start training, but I haven't gotten my invitation to The Cell yet. lol

This thread has gotten curiously few responses, I would have thought a guy like that would generate more interest.


Haven't you noticed a trend in the hate of big guys who aren't really lean? Like... I don't think people understand how big someone is through pictures. They see themselves in the mirror and think "wow i'm pretty big/lean/goodlooking", then want to rationalize how small they are by calling others fat/not functional/weak bodybuilders/relatively weak to bodyweight. It's bullshit.

That's why the T-Cell was made so there was an environment people could go to that would let them post pictures of themselves and get REAL feedback.


Good post.


I just happened to come across this thread; so I had no idea, until today, that it was here. Like X says, I am pretty much posting and communicating in the T-Cell. Hope that doesn't offend, anyone. I just figure it is easier to post in one place, as opposed to all over.

I have been working on conditioning and dropping my bodyfat, so once I get back in the mode to put on size, I will let you guys know what I am doing as far as workouts and diet.

But basically, I keep the lifting heavy, intense and short and as far as diet, I try to eat relatively clean; but I keep it simple by eating when I am hungry. Your body will tell you what you need, as long as you learn how to listen to its cues


Hey lew, just wanted to take this opportunity to ask you a question or two if you don't mind...

What was your training like during your first few years when you put most of your size? I.e - your split/exercise selections

I know you focus on the big compound exercises, I was just curious how often you did them and how you rotated them round to give each one as much effort as you can.