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Levrone's New Career.


Only Arnold can use cheesy lines and get away with it.


Obviously, you never saw some of Arnold's first work. Every actor has to start somewhere and while I thought that was pretty basic, it makes me wonder if you ever saw Hercules In New York. There is no movie more cheesy than that one. They originally dubbed his voice in that movie using some American that sounded like a voice over for dishwashing liquid commercials. I'm willing to give him a chance just to see if he actually does something with it. From what I've read, he is taking acting classes.


I think some of those clips look pretty neat.

Not to mention he still has some good size too.

I remember seeing a pic of him awhile back where it looked like he lost a good 40-50 pounds.


Arnold does absolutely nothing for me.

Not as a bodybuilder, nor as a man or even as a human being.

He comes across to me as a human machine, I see no value in him whatsoever.

Now Kevin..I do not care if he's got mozzarella coming out of his mouth..He is HAWT, handsome, great bodybuilder, has an understated sweetness about him, is cooly self contained, HE IS THE MAN, second only to The Rock, which OMG..you think I care he even has vocal cords let alone use them?

I will pay Holywood to let him star in movies just to keep moving that solid rock mass of malehood of his.
I have watched all of The Rocks movies and I don't even know their titles let alone his lines in it but I know all of his moves because where that man moves my eyes just follow, naturally..

I have an official crush on Kevin Levrone.


How come they pronounce his last name as "Levrony"? Sounds gay.


And here's Levrone looking 15 years old.


Dude's not bad, that was pretty decent action and what not. If he has the natural charisma, and developes a little more as an actor he'll be excellent.

AlphaF's response makes me want to go eat and pick up heavy things...


Good or bad actor. Finally some real t-man in actionroles. You don't see that everyday in hollywood.

It's hilarious though how fake the fights in the movieclips look. You can actually see air between levrones fist and badguy1# face several times.


Many, many more times then I probably should have. I'm in no way saying that Levrone doesn't have talent or potential but don't you guys find it corny when he picks up the cigs and says,"Smoking will kill ya." I'd expect something like that from Chuck Norris or even Siegal.


Hahaha - Hercules in New York is hilarious. You need to find the undubbed version because that is even funnier.


Ummm, cuz that's his name...


I suggest Nominal write the man and tell him how his name sounds.


I thought he looked fairly promising myself. Better direction & choreography would have a big effect on those fight scenes. Obviously acting experience & classes aren't going to hurt either.

Fook it - I'd say cheesy lines if I thought I had a path to bigger film roles.


I feel ignorant, but why was there a man standing behind Levrone's couch when he was in that talk show? To keep the women off him or what?

Billy Blanks was a B-movie actor who later made millions marketing Tae-Bo. Maybe Levrone can take the opposite path.


You lost me at "HAWT"

Man I hate that term.


Becuase it rhymes with "Jabroni"

Know your role, and stand by for the People's Elbow.



How do you know?


I will say Levrone had amazing triceps, as well as deltoid development when he competed. Never could quite bring up his wheels to match his upper body though.


They pronounced his name like that at a show I went to he was at, sure it was European Grand Prix, Dorian Yates was there and Paul Dillet, they prounounce his name

Dil - ett and not Dillit so to speak.


[quote]Alpha F wrote:
E-man wrote:

Only Arnold can use cheesy lines and get away with it.

Arnold does absolutely nothing for me.

"Not as a bodybuilder, nor as a man or even as a human being."

"He comes across to me as a human machine, I see no value in him whatsoever."

Blasphemy I say, Blasphemy.