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Levrone, the Return


Now I'm a huge Levrone fan. When the guy was in his prime he was undoubtedly always a top guy on the Olympia stage, and was always in the hunt, even when he was slightly off.

It's been argued that he had perhaps the best genetics of any 90's competitor except perhaps Flex (in terms of natural shape) and Ronnie (in terms of,..well just about everything else). He would admittedly come off his 'supplements' and be seen walking around 50, perhaps more lbs below his usual weight, and so down in size that casual fans would think he had retired. And yet when Olympia time rolled around, he was back to his former dimensions, and doing battle with the top tier athletes in the world.

I believe he's somewhere in his 40's now, and would certainly be eligible for any Masters show the IFBB may put on in 2014. Of course he's teased various come backs before, assumingly to get attention for his site, or supplement line.

Is he really going to push through this time? Can even his genetics allow a return to enough greatness where he doesn't risk tarnishing the image people have of his amazing physique?



Awesome news.

looks like he's genuinely going for the Sandow. Apparently might warm up with the Arnold also


Pretty cool, but why is his hoody inside-out?


Because he's so damned harcore, that's why! -lol



Are you going to keep posting these vids here Stu, that way I don't have to watch them somwhere else, that would be awesome, thanks


I would be very interested to see what he could do if he truly took this seriously, but hope he sees what he can do at the Arnold first before going for the Sandow. Honest question though, I thought that you had to win or at least place high in a major show within that year to be able to compete in the Olympia. Is that incorrect? And if not, it would seem that Levrone would have to enter the Arnold or a similar size show if he wanted to go for the Sandow.


I have heard stories of him being the laziest fuck of all times. I have heard, like Stu said, that he would workout only about 4-5 months TOPS out of a year. If all those are true, I would love to see what damage he could do to a 2015 Mr O, because I don't think tha one year is enough time for him to prepare. On the other side, If he manages to add 60 pounds of quality mass, anything is possible lol.


Here's an interesting comparison:


Phil just lost his title.


Really? I like them both equally, but I feel like I'm looking at a completely different picture if you believe that.


Keeps him from advertising whatever is on the outside of the hoodie.


Man, I really hate Phil's oil bag arms.


Was always a huge Levrone fan, he just unfortunately had to go up against Big Ron in his GOAT days.


He will compete in the Masters category, or?


I think the "Master's" has slowly crumbled due to guys in their 40's lately still kicking ass on stage.

In the 80's that age meant you were on your way out.

Now, it seems to mean another 10 years of swoleness.


Is it just me, or Phil Heath is not favored in this forum?


So Kevin Levrone against Dexter Jackson?


I think people liked Phil a lot more 2 years ago. A couple of possible reasons I can think of are:

1- It's not even subtle the amount of SEO some people believe he is using.
2- Kai was easily in the lead after last year's Olympia prejudging but at the finals, Phil behaved in a manner that a lot of people seemed to perceive as kind of dick-ish.

As to Levrone's contest selection, I have no clue. Not certain if he's made any definite statements of intent yet.





I personally don't like the way he trains, just too many machines, not enough hardcore for me.
But who am I to complain to Mr.Olympia.