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Levrone lost

Well Chambers won (surprise surprise) but at the 40m mark Kevin actually looked pretty good, turning the distance in 4.8 seconds to Chambers 4.52. After that it was a blowout.

Anyone get that on tape?

Indeed, I’d be really interested in seeing that.

Well Well it actually happened? That should shut Levrone’s trap for awhile and all other.

damn…i cant belive it happend…4.8 is still fast for a bodybuilder

Christian, is there anywhere we can see/read the details? How did you find the info? Were you there?

I figured he would, but that is till a pretty impressive time for him.

Hand timed or electronic? Those times sound awful slow if they’re hand timed.

I read the report on Milos Sarcev’s web site. I would say that the times were electronic, I would say though that the times were not so bad… a 4.8 on 40 meters would be like a 4.4-4.5/40 yards dash, not that bad for a 240lbs bodybuilder (yes, Levrone came in at 240lbs!). But obviously this puts Kevin’s claim to the world’s fastest man title.

My bad…i was thinking 40 yards rather than meters. Those are rather impressive times then.

I really don’t know what an elite time would
be, on track, electronically timed, for a 40 meter dash, as it isn’t a standard event. I know 4.6 is excellent or at least very good football-player speed at that, though.

While not wanting to imply more than I’m saying, still, obviously Levrone could have been faster yet if he’d had devoted serious training to this, including getting down to say 210 or something like that. Quite possibly he could have matched Chambers in that situation. But Chambers is not necessarily anything like the fastest in the world at 40 meters, and unfortunately, 40 meters seems not to be a standardized distance in track and field.

It ought to be, really,
as it is still a quite significant distance to dash, and undoubtedly many who would be stunningly gifted at this, are not particularly good at the 100 meter dash. It’s a totally different event.

The NCAA has a 60 meter dash, but I don’t think the Olympics does, though I could be wrong. But 60 is quite different from 40.

Generally there are way too many new Olympic events, but a dash of 40 meters or so could be an excellent event.

Really, if you’re going to catch someone one foot, aren’t you probably either going to do it within 40 meters, or not at all, or only after a long time? It actually is a very practical distance, if anything moreso than 100 meters or even 60 meters.

I just read the Flex Online article.

If accurate, this is the first time Levrone
ever started from blocks.

And if that is so, I’d have to say he could
have matched Chambers through 40 yards simply with some modest improvement of skill. (Of course, the challenge was not 40 yards, nor is Chambers likely the fastest in the world through that distance.)

The jpeg is interesting:

flexonline.com/flex/images/ break_news/dwainkevin2.jpg

Error: read “meters” for “yards” :slight_smile:

Does anyone really think that Chambers was “going all out” for this? I somehow doubt it.

Most likely he was going all out, I think.

I have read before that 100 meter sprinters typically are not so quick in the first 20 meters relative to many other athletes. Perhaps the sort of physical structure conducive to extreme top speed, which the 100 meter sprinters have, is not conducive to maximum initial acceleration.

I can’t compare Chambers’ 40 meter time to anything (though if anyone has Hatfield’s books, there’s a chart in one of them showing either Ben Johnson or Carl Lewis’s times at various points of the 100-meter dash, and I’m sure there are other sources of data) but his 60 meter time was 6.64 seconds in this race.

I think the world record is something like 6.55 seconds.

So certainly Chambers was not dogging it! Not by any means.

I was thinking the same thing. Ill bet it was a jog in the park for him.

The world record on 60m is 6.38 by Maurice Greene

My error. I got the 6.55 figure from, “Though the 800 was close, the Verizon men?s 60m was one of the most tightly contested races in history. World indoor 60m hurdles champion and 2000 Olympic 110m hurdles silver medalist Terrence Trammell won the race in 6.56 seconds, with Jason Smoots second in an identical time.”

Actually it was a different quote, in some article about Smoots, where it seemed to me that it was saying that Trammell’s time was the world record: but the more accurate understanding is that Trammell was apparently at the time the world record holder, and in this race he ran 6.56 (actually, 6.55-something.)

In any case, times like this are elite times, and, though opinions may differ, do not sound like a “jog in the park” to me, but a very serious run. Perhaps not absolutely all out, there may have been another tenth in there (as speculation), but hardly dogging it.

Bill, I agree with you. I seriously doubt that Chambers went at it easy … no sprinter wants to be known as “the guy who got his ass kicked by a bodybuilder”… in my view, that’s motivation enough.

What was Levrone’s final time?