Levrone is Back!

Check out this youtube video Levrone posted:

Levrone plans to “document his secret body transformation and how he gains five pounds of muscle per week over a month in a two month period. How I am going to take my body from 206 pounds 245 pounds.”

It will be interesting to see how much he really documents. I’m doubtful that he will be posting a detailed record of his cycle. It’s a shame he does not plan to compete, regardless this will be interesting to follow.

This is his website if you want to follow his progress:

That’s good news, both because it is quite interesting and not something ever really shown before (that I can think of anyway), and because I really liked Levrone’s physique.

He certainly would have been a worthy Mr Olympia had he ever happened to have won it.

Always a good viewing…if you haven’t caught this little clip before it gets you in the mood pre workout!!

[quote]GluteusGigantis wrote:
Always a good viewing…if you haven’t caught this little clip before it gets you in the mood pre workout!!

fuck yeah dude! and you can’t forget his 1999 grand prix

I honestly have no idea how he never won the Mr. O. Truly Awesome physique.

cool, this is pretty interesting

I like how every now and then he sounds like a Wahlberg

I can see the thousands of kids trying to do the same, without having ever been big before and thus failing due to lack of muscle-memory.

But hell yeah, would be cool to see Levrone back in the game… His (contest)physique fits in perfectly with today’s guys.

This made my day. Can’t wait to see the Maryland Muscle Machine back in action.

His triceps were just wrong! He’s a cool looking guy. It seems like he could play a good villain.

Awesome! Always one of my favorite BB’ers… should be impressive.

My fav pro BB’er physique. I’ll be watching this closely

Cant wait to see this, 5 pounds a week is fuckin insane. Leverone is the man

If he gets to a contest 245lbs, I can’t see how he’ll turn down doing a smaller show. I’m excited.

back to this in 2 months is gonna be impressive

I would not expect THAT and he isn’t claiming that.

If nothing else, the stretch marks on the arms would probably be horrendous were that achieved in just 2 months.

(I am assuming that he has been at his current far smaller arm size for some time.)


Haha, marketing pitch, he will be selling a product on this later.