Levrone At This Year's Olympia?

So apparently it’s happening.


I think that despite his past history of “growing into a contest”, and despite his possibly having the greatest hyper-responder genetics ever that he’s at a disadvantage.

This time, Kevin’s not starting off as an off season pro, he’s starting off (a few months back) as a guy who hasn’t sported anywhere close to his former size in years!


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It’s interesting though, eh? Like, if he all of a sudden balloons up enormous and then gets into condition for the Olympia, it’d be a very impressive thing.

I’m skeptical that he’ll do any real damage on the Olympia stage, but if anyone could make such a comeback happen, I guess it’d be him.

Totally agree with Stu here.
Levrones transformation recently though has been pretty impressive so far though. I just don’t think he has enough time for this years Olympia.

I havent been following him for years, I popped in a few times when he was doing his original “come back” on the Levrone Report probably like 5 years ago … maybe more (gosh time flies)… But browsing his Instagram is interesting. He definitely is nowhere near O-Stage ready, but as we all know he used to hit the gas and grow into shows quite dramatically.

I doubt he will win, he just doesnt have the momentum and years of consistency under his belt like the other guys do… but he will shake things up if the past is any indicator.

In any event it increases my interest in the Olympia 2.44% over what it was yesterday

It will be worth watching for the crowd reaction when he steps onto the stage.

Yeah, dude looks pretty jacked at the moment so its not like he is going to embarrass himself or anything. Would be pretty fun if a few other retro players came out to give it another run for a year or two

I’d love to see Labrada come back for a go. He is no where near what the current crop of pros (or even amateurs these days) carry in terms of mass, but that whole “mass with class” and aesthetics…NO ONE today really has that combo.


Have you guys seen what Jay looks like these days? He looks like he could bring a fairly respectable comeback package

Excellent point Yogi.
Jay is looking so much better when less massive. I actually think so many of the pros today would if they would just stick with standard anabolics and not include “the other stuff”.
Take out GH. Take out Insulin. Take out synthol, etc…just good ol anabolics.

I saw those recent pics of Labrada in MD at 56yo. He looks like he’s about 30, great shape, fantastic condition still looks like he did in the early 90’s. A great look which I think is ideal/classic,but not one that would win an Olympia by todays standards of size.
Funny how he doesn’t admit to still using PED’s these days, not even TRT but I suppose he has a supplement company to run.

Am I the only one who has a suspicion that he won’t actually end up on stage, and that this is likely just another publicity reach for him?

yeah Stu mentioned in the Olympia thread he thinks he’ll just end up guest posing, which I think is probably about right.

I dunno, though. Maybe I’m just an old romantic but I’d love to see him blow up and do some damage. The Olympia’s been pretty boring in recent times; would be nice to see something extraordinary.

Yeah I actually think I like how Jay looks now better than I did when he was competing

Labrada,… now there’s one of my all time favorite pros. In a sport where lack of height can actually help you (no dig here!), Labrada really did have it all. There was one year where IMO he should have beaten Haney. I believe Labrada was actually ahead after the prejudging, which goes to show how much BS occurs at shows, thinking that Haney’s run of the mill posing routine somehow allowed him to pull ahead and edge out one of the most masterful presenters of his physique ever to grace the Olympia stage.


Hahahaha… my old lady was bitching me out Saturday night when I heard. She’s trying to sleep, and I’m freaking the fuck out… “OMG, I can’t believe it”. “Levrone’s coming back”! I know it’s a pipe dream, but I’d love, love, love to see him on stage… and love it even more if he were to make a 1st call out. Again… I’m a dreamer… but even the realist in me will be happy as long as he doesn’t get hurt (or back out for other reasons).

This seems like a PR stunt for Levrone and the Olympia. Have a former star make a comeback when most people who lift don’t seem enthralled with the Olympia. IMO

I’ve heard people say that there’s no excitement in the contest anymore. Kai’s not competing, and no one else has really proven to be a threat to Phil, so what to do? Gimmick it is -lol


I’m sure most old timers feel this way, but I would actually be more excited for a “blast from the past” O where the guys from the 80’s and 90’s had their own showing. Sort of like a guest posing, but with all the guys.Perhaps Levrone is the only one ready, willing, and able to compete on today’s stage… Or to “do what needs to be done” if you catch my drift

The guys from today are most impressive, no doubt, but as my interest in the extreme parts of the sport has waned over the years I just never developed a connection or following with them, thus I don’t have any real enthusiasm to see who shows up and who wins.

Yeah, I don’t know if it’s the caliber and personalities, or just getting older and not as Olympia-giddy as we once were as September approaches each year.

I know some people used to whine that Jay was “boring” (as if it’s a requirement of being the best bodybuilder in the world to be considered entertaining online), but watching him duke it out with Ronnie, wondering if Dex or even Vic were gonna edge him with his sporadic conditioning, but there was still some excitement going into each year’s Olympia.

People don’t really seem to like Phil though. It’s not a boring thing, it’s (I think) more of a cocky arrogant thing. Couple that with obvious comparisons to his not being anywhere near as dominant as previous winners, and… well, here we are.