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Levron James

In light of him being unallowed to compete in the rest of his high school career for receiving free shirts, how do you think he’s going to end up? His mother bought him a Hummer based on his future earnings? I think the fact that he apparently gets whatever he wants because he’s a great basketball player is going to screw him up for life. It would be great if he ends up a positive roll model but I don’t think it’s going to happen. He seems to be heading down the road that Chris Washburn and others have taken. Great potential but sidetracked by all the distractions that come with being famous. What do you think?

Granted the kid has talent, but the NBA shouldn’t let him in until he finish college. Let him grow and mature a little. I like the NFL rule better on this subject. That they need to finish college before getting into The NFL.

Just for the record it’s LeBron James.(I live here in Akron) Actually he is a pretty good kid. His mom is a bit off the top. He just made a stupid mistake that 18 year olds are prone to do now and then.

As far as going to college that would be nuts. The four years spent there would cost him 100 million, easy. Plus if the Cavs keep going the way they are he could end up playing here in Cleveland and not even have to move.

First off, how can Lebron look his buddies in the eyes and tell them that his mother gave him a hummer for his birthday? (Fill in applicable Oedipus joke here.) I think his mother is complete trash, or, at least, everything I have seen of her makes me think that. Her son is just a meal ticket, unless she’s been so enthused about his games sense the pee-wee years, but I somehow doubt it. Now that the “bank” (as she puts it) is about to roll in, she’s all excited. Fuck that. It’s fine to be happy, but be happy for him, not the Benz you expect him to buy you. His role models haven’t been of the highest caliber either, so it’s amazing that he has made it as far as he has. He doesn’t seem like a bad kid, so he should be fine, and I would love to see him excel (which I think he will), but almost all of that depends on who he finds as a role model in the NBA.

As far as making kids wait to get in the NBA, I'm torn. It's hard to really say what effect college actually has on the top players, as it may take some years to see if Bryant, Garnett, and McGrady fully develop. Right now, it doesn't seem like most of them skipped a beat. I would love to see the college system used more, but I can't see a logical reason for preventing an 18 year old from playing basketball at the professional level. A case could be made (but I won't make it) that football requires a more fully developed body to take the punishment, so I could see where making players wait 2 years after high school to get in the NFL might be helpful.

For the most part, over-hyped. Can you say “Jesus Shuttlesworth?”

College will give him structure for the rest of his life. He has no role models that he looks up to now. His mother is a joke. He needs structure right now not a pay check. Sure he might be a talented ball player. But that will only get you so far. And so what if he’s losing 100 million in 4 years. He’ll probably lose it anyways on over spending. and wind up owing money.

The kid needs some structure and he’ll find it in college. If that were my kid I would make him go to college!!! I don’t care how good he is…

Actually Fit he has great role models in his life. Your right about his mom and step dad but the coaching staff at St V has quality men running it. Dru Joyce is an awesome role model and mentor. Don’t worry about LeBron he will be Ok, the real folks hurt by this are his team mates. The poor SOB that is not going to college to play BBALL who had a chance to be on a high school team that wouldv’e finished #1 in the country but who now doesn’t stand much of a chance without LeBron.

First of all, the NFL does not require players to finish college. Look at Mike Vick. As pissed as I was when he left VaTech, he’s arguably the most dynamic quarterback in the game right now.

Second, Lebron can not play in college. As a result of the clothing issue, the Ohio Athletic commission revoked his amateur status. Which mean that he can not play in High School or College. If he goes to college(which was one of his goals. He has a 3.8 GPA and wanted to be the first in his family to go. Admirable, or at least good PR)

He will declare eligibility for the draft, he will finish his career. And then, after making his millions, buy a nice little university and learn to his heart’s content.

This entire incident reminds me of the Rush brothers. Jaron & Kareem both accepted gifts while in high school and were consequentially punished by the NCAA. Jaron played B-ball at UCLA. He left after his sophmore year and headed to the NBA. He wasn’t ready – too immature. Not physically (he was an All-American every year he played ball), but mentally. Too many distractions. On the otherhand, his younger brother played B-ball at Missouri until his junior year. Was picked mid-first round and ended up with the Lakers. He was not as physically talented, but mentally had his shit together. The point of all of this, few players are ready mentally and emotionally for the distractions of professional sports. My .02.

He will be the next Shawn Kemp… if he is lucky!

From everything that I heard on ESPN and such, he was really raised by his Aunt and Uncle who kept him on track and were positive roll models after his pops went to jail on mortgage (s/p?) charges. His mom only recently took over the last 5-6 years. I personally think that the kid is going to do well, but his mom is a beeeatch. One of the announcers todl the story how he took LeBron and his Mom out to lunch and the guy had an emergency before the lunch ended so as he was closing out the check in a hurry, LeBron’s mom told the waiter to hurry up and get dessert on him before he closed the bill.

Well now that he is unable to play, and he will go pro, why doesn’t he sign his endorsement contract right now? If the announcer dinner story is true, that is an NCAA violation as well.

Good question. The first answer is that he’s hoping to get reinstated. Signing an endorsement contract would preclude him doing so. Also, yesterday I saw some big guy at Adidas interviewed, and he said that before Lebron can sign with anybody, his family has to get legal representation, which also prevents him from pursuing amateur status again.