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Levothroid and T2 - question for Bill

My wife is on Levothroid for her thyroids, can she safely use T2 as well? What about MD6?

Brock addressed these issues in a post dated 03-Apr-2001 entitled “T-2 Use Information”. With respect to thyroid hormones, he stated: “You should not take T-2 with any other thyroid hormones. This means it should not be taken with Synthroid, Cytomel or Armour Thyroid capsules. What happens if you do take T-2 with either T-3 or T-4? Well, assuming you live, I am going to personally track you down, beat you to death, draw and quarter you, and then fillet you. Biotest is coming out with a new anabolic BBQ sauce, so I will marinate you in it for a few days and then grill your remains over mesquite. DO NOT TAKE THIS WITH ANY OTHER THYROIDALS!!!” With respect to MD-6, he also stated: “You can take T-2 with MD-6 or an ECA type stack. Just be careful and start out with only 1 capsule of T-2 per day. You can also take it with clen. Just be careful and use common sense - start out with a low dose and work your way up.”