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Leviathan with Opposite Supplemental?

Hi, I am just finishing the anchor phase of 1000% awesome and really liked the different main and supplemental setup, I want to run leviathan next but keep it the same setup as 1000% awesome, has anyone ran it this way, is there any reason it would not work?
So it would look like this:

Bench - Leviathan
Squats - 5x5 SSL(80%)

Deadlift - Leviathan
Press - 5x5 SSL(80%)

Squats - Leviathan
Bench - 5x5 SSL(80%)

Press - Leviathan
deadlift - 5x5 SSL(80%)

How about Portals 5x5/3/1? Pretty close to this.

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Hi I looked at Portals 5x5/3/1, the reason i am going to do leviathan is for the lower volume on the main lift which is why I want to do opposite supplemental, just want to split the work up over the week rather than in one day.

Then you may wanna look at the Coffinworm programming.
I think Jim made Leviathan this way for a reason, and excluded the option you mentioned above.

You can do whatever you want, but I think the Leviathan is not very good option with opposite supplemental. The whole point is to hit semi-heavy single followed by some volume in the same movement.

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I have just had a quick read through the book and noticed full body four days is pretty close to what I wanted to do so I think i will run a cycle of that and see how I do. Thanks for all the replies.

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