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Leviathan Supplementals

I am about to start Leviathan and I want to do Deadlift SSL and Squat BBB. In the BBB leader we aren’t supposed to do lower back work, but Leviathan is sort of a hybrid. Since I’m going to do Deadlifts SSL can I do lower back on Deadlift days and single leg on squat day since squat is the last of the week and Monday is Bench Press? Thanks.

I wouldn’t add in any lower back work if I was doing your template. Very heavy deadlift (TMx1) followed by pretty damn heavy (SSL) deadlifts followed by lower back work is a great way to burn out. Add in BBB squats on another day and it’s a definite no.

It would be a pretty rare occurrence if your lower back was (a) weak enough to justify adding in extra work for it while (b) also bulletproof and injury-proof enough to withstand the extra work. At most, do your first leader and see how your back feels. If it feels like it’s not getting enough work then maybe add something light for lower back in the 2nd leader.