Leverage Machines

ARGH!!! Im going nuts over trying to select a new weight bench! Has anyone tried or even heard of the PowerTec Leverage machines?? Im REALLY tempted to buy one. The thought of paying $600 only to find out it SUCKS really scares me. So if anyone has any info on these machines PLEASE HELP! thanks!

Sung, yes the PowerTec bench is a fine, quality piece of equipment. I train at home alot and have put together a nice gym for a low cost. I see alot a threads on home equipment so let me share my thoughts. First, I am serious about my iron. I am a competive bodybuilder and the current natural Mr. USA. I am a police officer with a crazy schedule so I train at home alot. After 10 years of buying selling and buying more equipment here is my must have list; wide grip dip stand, chin bar, power rack, adjustable bench, calf block. Any reputable manufacture will due. Now for dumbells. I have gone with the full set 10lb to 120lb, power blocks and adjustable. I currently use a dumbell system by the iron company. the add on weights are threaded and you have five handles that adjust from 10 lbs to 150 lbs. They area real dumbll handles with a thread attachment at the end. The weight changes in seconds and they feel like real dumbells. It allows you economy of space, real handles and the ability to do drop sets with no changes. They area available at the ironcompany.com. I also have a lat machine (used more as a coat rack-I love my weighted chins) and the powertec system. I alos traded my leg ext/curl machine for a glute/ham bench (best investment i ever made) and my leg press for a squat bar and my cable crossovers for the dip stand. My current investment is less then $2,500.00 and I am open 24 hrs a day, only use up half the basement have no distractions, and can train to tool or pod without offending anyone. As for cardio…a jump rope and running shoes. Hope this helps, sully

What’s wrong with free weights? If the answer is “no spotter”, then just get a power rack to go along with an Olympic set of weights and a good bench. More effective and much cheaper. Machine use should be limited if you want real results.