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Leverage and Weight Loss


I've been lifting for just over 2years. This winter when I hit 225 I decided to start cutting. My goal was to maintain strength while losing weight.

As I dropped weight most of my lifts actually got a little stronger, except my deadlift. Which dropped from 450 to 405 for my one rep max. My Romanian Deadlift has on the other hand increased slightly. I used to be able to do 315x5 now I can do 315x8(both for 3 sets).
I have a short torso and long femurs if this effects anything. I was wondering what could explain this drop in my Deadlift. The only thing I can think of is leverage on the bar. Any Ideas?


I noticed it too and came to the same conclusion; leverage.

I don’t have any more insight on the topic, however.


Thanks for the reply. Thought I might just be overlooking some factor. Thanks


How do you pull? Sumo or conventional?