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Lever Jam


Just out of curiousity, does anyone ever do this exercise - the lever jam? What use have they found it? What would be the comparable in free weights?


Never did a lever jam, but it looks just like a push press.


I do it the odd time just because it's in the gym, but I never see anyone else touch it. It's hard to do it with high weights and a lot more difficult than the push press because you have nothing to support yourself on (push back against). Generally, you're at about a 60 degree angle and driving through your toes. You always feel it the next day but as I said, I wouldn't make it a regular part of my routine because I'm not exactly sure how useful it is.


I think this machine is supposed to mimic the initial movements of offensive and defensive linemen. I believe the Nebraska football program uses these machines. However, some strength coaches (i.e., John Davies) hate these machines and believe they are poor substitutes for free weight movements.


Yeah, Nebraska calls it the Jammer Press. Supposed to more accurately mimic the movements, because I guess they believe the Bench Press isn't "specific" enough.


Thank you dookie. Thank God. Put an end to the "specific" B.S. Im sick of hearing it from these people.