Lever Belt vs Prong Belt

T-Nation should have a used gear classified thread. I don’t have anything really that would be worth selling considering shipping costs, but I bet others do.


Alternative COA is to get a soft belt to wear under the prong belt, and then you’ll be full strongman, haha.

Actually, that could be a really good idea. Ive never touched a soft belt, honestly not even sure the point of them, but maybe I will have to give it a go.

Still hoping to do a comp. Nothing really in the near future in this state, but im moving soon, pretty sure I will have some better competition options then.

They primarily keep the lower back warm, which is awesome, but with strongman they also keep the axle and log from pinching your stomach skin when you clean them.


Good to know. I’ve pinched myself with the stone and the log. Don’t really ever do the axle. The stone pinch was brutal haha.

Stones are an event I use just the soft belt. Don’t really like a hard belt on that.

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Good question. Recently looking for a belt, I originally intended going for the Inzer lever belt recommended by @T3hPwnisher. Having a hard time finding that belt in Europe, I went for a locally produced brand with great references. Prong only. I went bananas with the engravement, keeping in mind you don’t need to be serious - to be serious. Indeed, to me this is a great belt.


I find that the biggest problem with the lever belt is that if I gain or lose weight, I have to unscrew the damn lever and reattach it to get the tension right.

Need to look into a pioneer pal lever. I used to switch a hole between squat and deadlift and now i don’t have to unscrew anything unless I’m adjusting 2" for the most part

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Addicted to my SBD lever belt; simply the best piece of equipment. I’ve gotten used to sucking my stomach in and putting the belt on right above my junk and then pulling it up more before I actually close the lever. I get maximal, nearly insane, tightness doing heavy squats and deadlifts.

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Just got my PAL belt and love it so far